Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Red Racer IPA

Definitely no expert on beer, but with dad brewing up a storm of his own wine, beers, and cider, we've all somehow grew a mild interest in trying different beers. "We all" meaning my brother, dad, and I. We don't drink very often, but we like to try something new with our dinner maybe every month or so. So this was our latest find.

I first tried a beer from the Red Racer brand about half a year ago when I attended a clam chowder competition that went along with local beer pairing. Red Racer is brewed by Central City Brewing, which is located close by in Surrey, BC., and was one of the beers there that night. Out of 14 beers that my friends and I got to try, we all distinctively remembered the sampling of Red Racer.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, my brother came home from work mentioning a beer that his coworker brought in for happy hour. Just so happened to be the Red Racer IPA. Since dad was amongst our amateur random discussions about beer, we decided to pick up a 6-pack to share with him.

We quite like this one. I enjoy its vibrant citrus-y flavours of what seems to me like grapefruit. It has a lingering bitter taste that might have to be acquired by some. Tannins... is that what they call it? Or does that only refer to wine? Definitely not an expert, but we do enjoy picking out what we each do and don't like, and the slight differences yet complexity of each beer we've been trying. Would definitely get this one again.

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