Monday, April 30, 2012

For The Weekend

I went over to the island and visited my old home, Victoria. I went with a few friends with the purpose of visiting Shum and celebrating her birthday. For the most part, it was one great weekend. I promise a re-cap!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

While I sift through the baby shower photos and pack for my next weekend getaway, I'll leave you with this photo. This was taken more than half a year ago at Bran's stagette. We were laughing till our tummies hurt. What was so funny?

One of these girls is going to have a baby soon! And these same girls got together last weekend for her baby shower. From one's milestone to the next. I have a feeling these friends will be lifers. Through all of our joys, sorrows, happiness, and tears... looks like we're gonna stick together.

Gotta Love That ShumBum

Oh shit, it's 1:20am April 25th and I haven't texted Shum. It's almost a ritual. Right at midnight, you text the birthday person and wish them a happy birthday. That's what we do. That's what my friends do. So, I was a tad, in our books, belated. I didn't get a response so I decided to text her again in the afternoon.

Happy Birthday, muffy sis! A nickname that has stuck since highschool. We had a pair of matching, fuzzy grey ear muffs ('cause you know how bone-chilling cold it gets in Vancouver! - sarcasm intended, just to show that highschoolers always somehow waste their money that they don't have buying things they don't need). We called each other "muffy sisters" because of our matching ear muffs. And to this day, in our 30's, we still call each other "muffy sis". 

She texted back. Thank you, muffy! I just got out of the spa. I'm all relaxed. Now I'm going to PC to do some shopping. What are you doing tonight? 

I skimmed right over the letters "PC", and didn't even realize that she's in town. Not much, I replied.

Wanna Cheurng K?? , she asked.

You're in town?!. 

By the time I got home from work, ate dinner and waited for Shum to be ready, it was already 10pm. "Cheurng K" (karaoke) never lasts just an hour. I couldn't imagine getting home late and getting up for work again the next day. I'm old like that now. Seems hard to go out late on a work night. I suggested we just go out for drinks.

I picked her up, and as usual, we began to chat up a storm like nobody's business. We headed in the direction of Richmond for perhaps some bubbletea, but once we got there, I felt ... I cannot say no to the birthday girl. So, we ended up at karaoke.

We busted out our songs of Bruno Mars, Adele and even Simple Plan. And like I made her promise me, we left after an hour. We ended up back at her place in record time. Which was perfect. Giving me plenty of time to get ready for bed.

But in the car, we chatted. And chatted. And chatted. And soon, it was already 1am. Shum's birthday was officially over. It's been a while since our last girlie heart to heart. And it was great. Our girl talks are always one of my favorite times.

It is now 2am. For this week, that's way past my bedtime. But, to spend some extra time with a close friend you hardly see and lose a little sleep over it... it's all well worth it. Wouldn't have it any other way.

Happy Birthday, Muffy Sis!!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Baby Shower Weekend

Back to back baby shower this weekend. Such exciting times with the due dates coming up soon. I cannot wait to meet the little ones! And as I type this, Maria's sister is going into labour. So many babies. So much fun.

Homemade Papyrus

Me : I love Papyrus cards.
Karen : You make your own papyrus cards.

Hmm... not quite. My cards definitely look homemade, and not as perfect as Papyrus. But I suppose that is the whole point of it. However, with the help of the Cricut, hopefully they'll look less like elementary school art projects. Here is one I made for my cousin's baby shower this weekend.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Busy Busy Bumblebee

It's been a crazy two weeks. Just in things to do. At work and at home. And it will all end with a big she-bang with two back-to-back baby showers this weekend. While I'm up at 3am working on some loose ends of this and that, I thought I might as well update my blog too. I do love my sleep. But have you ever had that buzz of motivation where once you start and finish a project, you live off that momentum and want to do the next thing? And the next thing after that... and the next thing after that...

Anyway, lots to post in the next few days.

Meanwhile, the youtube video that I've been looping the past 24 hours...


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Presents Once A Year

We were driving home from dinner with my friends a couple weeks ago, and I was fighting off yawns in the car. After a long day at work and spending great time with friends downing yummy sushi, I was getting a bit tired and sleepy. When we stopped at a stoplight, Ming reached to his backseat pulling out a few things and threw them onto my lap. 

"What is this??".

"You get presents. Only once a year." 

That was what he said last year when he gave me my birthday present. 

Ha ha. All our talks abour Linsanity... I got a Linsanity t-shirt. "Super Lintendo". Although the Linsanity phase is over with Lin going in for knee surgery, I think it'll still be fun to wear during the summer. That's one way to get a girl in the know about a sport. Get her something to wear. Nah, not saying that's why he got me the t-shirt. But I do realize that after hanging out with Ming, I know a bit more about basketball. Like who the black mamba is. Like how Beckham brings his sons to the game. Like Lebron and his receeding hairline. 

Ha ha. 

And the strawberries are those re-usable grocery bags. I think they're super cute. 

Presents once a year? I'll take it. 

Thank you! :)

Friday, April 13, 2012

A Time To Celebrate

Auntie Irene and Uncle Leon's 40th wedding anniversary celebrations was tonight. (My "yee ma" and my "yee jeurng").

We had a Chinese banquet dinner at Sun Sui Wah. Auntie Irene was decked out in her pearls and Uncle Leon sporting his sweater vest. The cousins sat together at the "kids' table", the youngest one out of all of us being 22. We all shared a delicious million-course meal of Peking duck, lettuce wrap, squab, lobster, scallops, beef, and veggies. Dessert was a warm, custard tapioca pudding with red bean paste. And to finish it off, some Chinese lotus buns.

All of us went back to Auntie Irene and Uncle Leon's place for some Chinese mango cake and fruit plate of pineapples and grapes while we watched the last half of the hockey playoff game. Then, we all sat around and chatted. Linda's baby talk. Yvonne graduating UBC engineering. Michael's new car. When the time was right, the kids whipped out a family portrait that was professionally taken not too long ago. They had blown it up and framed it as a gift to their parents. And that pretty much wraps up another family celebration.

Congrats - happy anniversary!