Friday, April 13, 2012

A Time To Celebrate

Auntie Irene and Uncle Leon's 40th wedding anniversary celebrations was tonight. (My "yee ma" and my "yee jeurng").

We had a Chinese banquet dinner at Sun Sui Wah. Auntie Irene was decked out in her pearls and Uncle Leon sporting his sweater vest. The cousins sat together at the "kids' table", the youngest one out of all of us being 22. We all shared a delicious million-course meal of Peking duck, lettuce wrap, squab, lobster, scallops, beef, and veggies. Dessert was a warm, custard tapioca pudding with red bean paste. And to finish it off, some Chinese lotus buns.

All of us went back to Auntie Irene and Uncle Leon's place for some Chinese mango cake and fruit plate of pineapples and grapes while we watched the last half of the hockey playoff game. Then, we all sat around and chatted. Linda's baby talk. Yvonne graduating UBC engineering. Michael's new car. When the time was right, the kids whipped out a family portrait that was professionally taken not too long ago. They had blown it up and framed it as a gift to their parents. And that pretty much wraps up another family celebration.

Congrats - happy anniversary!

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