Thursday, May 31, 2012

Meat And Bread

I didn't have much planned for the holidays this time around. Perhaps just to do a whole lot of nothing. But one place I wanted to try was Meat And Bread. I've heard about this place a gazillion times. From friends. From coworkers. Even on Arabomb-Shell's blog, she's mentioned it numerous times... with a post titled "Can't Get Enough". I just don't normally venture in that direction, but for this holiday, I told myself that I'm gonna.

Luckily or not luckily, I didn't get a chance during my holidays, but I did during my "short term disability" days off work. And luckily or not luckily, it was on the day that my car's thermostat busts and my garage door won't open, but Maria offered to drive me down for a lunch at Meat And Bread. Seemed like nothing was going to stop me from trying it this time!

Love the simplicity of the wood plank, paper and puddles of mustard and hot sauce. No plates. No condiment dishes. 

The sandwich was of colossal proportions. It was overflowing with juicy and delicious pork. Each sandwich was hand-seasoned with salt and their sauce, and also sprinkled with crispy and crunchy pork skin. The bread was also nicely toasted. Dipped in a little bit of a mixture of mustard and hot sauce, it was absolutely to-die-for. Even with all the recommendations, it wasn't overhyped. I loved it. 

I got mine with a pea soup. The soup was a bit too salty. But ahh, it would never win over the sandwich anyway! 

All you need is one amazing sandwich, and you got yourself a very successful business. They currently opened a second location in Downtown ( I went to the original Gastown location). And the restaurant was constantly flowing with people while we were there. I think 95% of the people were there to pick up one of their famous porchetta sandwich. I almost can't wait to go back again.

I love catching a moment when my friends aren't quite ready for a photo yet. 

Am still in a bit of awe at how well (and convenient) my iphone took these shots.

Matthew And The Mamaroo

Baby Matthew is enjoying the Mamaroo that Karen, Ray and I got him. It's a bouncer that apparently moves in motions similar to the mother's womb. It also plays ocean sounds and other music to soothe the baby. To me, it seems more like mini rollercoaster equipped with noise that makes it sound like it's malfunctioning. Hehe. Perhaps that's why Matthew's Mamaroo is conveniently situated right next to the garbage can. Just in case he upchucks his lunch from motion sickness.

I'm kidding. According to friends who are already parents, it apparently works wonders.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Guilty "Foodie"

I wouldn't call myself a foodie. I don't go down a list of "which restaurants I haven't tried", and it doesn't always have to be new, different, exciting nor fancy. Don't mind trying a new restaurant, but I'm more of a "find what I like and stick with it" kinda gal. But, watching this video, I had to laugh. I'm guilty of mostly the "don't touch your food yet! I have to take a picture!" and the "mmmm" when it's so good. But a lot of the comments are oh-so-familiar amongst my friends. Hey, guess we love our food.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Meet Owen

At the beginning of my holidays before my stupid accident, I got to spend some time with the Ng's. Such a cute family. Owen is so darn cute. His perfectly round head. Perfect round eyes. And his super cute smile. He is always happy, despite trying to fight off either a cold or ear infection. (Can't remember. )Sister Lyla is just as cute. Kat and I took her out to Granville Island to play on the playground and blow some bubbles. Ahh, the life of a kid. She was super content whenever there was food. Can't get enough of these babies! 

Tina (their mommy) and Lyla in the car : 

Tina : What is didi's ("didi"= little brother in mandarin) name? 
Lyla : Owen! 
Tina : What is daddy's name? 
Lyla : Dada!
Tina : What is mommy's name?
Lyla : Tina! 
Tina : No, mommy's name is Mama! 
Lyla : Tina! 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Meet Matthew

He was milk drunk and super content. He was fighting his sleepiness trying so hard to keep his eyes open to see what was going on around him. 

I am an auntie! My cousin gave birth to Matthew on April 23, 2012 at 8:22am weighing in at 8 lbs. He is definitely a chubster. 

Everyone is just so smitten by the little one. He is going to be so spoiled!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Victoria - Home Sweet Home (Part 3)

We had picked a really busy weekend to visit Victoria with their TC10K happenin' that Sunday. So, after looking around a couple bars and lounges and restaurants to hang out at and determining that it was way too busy, we all headed back to party at Shum's place. It was the perfect plan.. because I had a cake waiting for her in her fridge. 

I ordered it when I was still in Victoria, and Ray and Dan helped pick up the cake in Victoria while the girls shopped. It was a passionfruit cake. 

We laid out the cake on the floor (because she doesn't have a table) along with one of my favorite champagnes (that I had also brought over from Vancouver) while she was downloading some korean soaps in her bedroom. 

And when she came out to the set up on the floor, she was mighty surprised. Happy Birthday, Shummie!

Kat, Bran and I each found a mug that we thought suited her. So for her birthday present, we got her three really cute mugs her new place. That green monster mug was from me. 

Love the breakfast ninja cup. Little Miss Chatterbox fits her so well. 

There was cake, there was alcohol, and there was Donkey Kong Jenga.

Started off with a round between Jordan, Dan, and I. I loved Jenga as a kid. I love Jenga as an adult. Possibly one of my favoritest games. 

Jordan lost that round but could possibly be due to the unevenness of the floor.

Then there was Ray being a jerk pulling all the pieces from the bottom. In the end, his tricks led to his own demise in the game. The punishment for losing the game was to eat a cricket from Dan's stash. 

Cece showing us her cricket before she popped it in her mouth. Gross.

The fun, the games... and all the drinks and the laughters... it all made for an exceptionally fun night. 

In the morning, we headed over to John's Place for some yummy brunch. Shum said she wanted to choose a restaurant she's never been to before, and chose John's Place. Only, when we stepped inside... Shum goes, "Have I been here before? Oh yes, I have!". 

Still good nonetheless.

After Wanna Wafle, I was craving another waffle. This came with a light cream cheese syrup. Sounds disgusting, but it was light and not too sweet. Quite delicious. I'd have this again. 

Unfortunately, around this time of brunch, I received an email from my brother informing me that grandma was in the hospital. She suffered a fall the night before and had to have stitches on her head. Suddenly, a grey cloud loomed over my weekend. And as much as I enjoyed and loved the time I was having with my friends and in beautiful Victoria, at that moment, where I wanted to be was home. Home home. In Vancouver. I was reminded again why I left Victoria, a place I called home and really didn't want to leave.  Because family and friends are really what's home. Fortunately, grandma was okay. And all is well.

Aside from that little scare, it was a really wonderful weekend on the island. 

Victoria - Home Sweet Home (Part 2)

I am sorry if you haven't tried Wanna Wafle's waffles if you've been in Victoria, because it's so gooood. The waffles were light and fluffy, but a little crispy on the outside. Top with the simplest yet very delicious toppings. It's a tiny shop in Market Square, and it was full when we got there. 

It was a relatively nice day so we sat outside under their patio umbrella and thoroughly enjoyed these two crazy yummy waffles. Mmm mmm... 

Yah, sometimes... you just have to. 

Dan and Bran have this thing about trying every cupcake shop they encounter. (Well, I suppose if the shop looks good or if it's been given good reviews). Dan ran in first like a kid spotting a candy shop. And when we told him to stand in front of the cupcake shop so we can take a picture, he did just that but was more concerned with ripping the paper off his cupcake. And up till now, (and they have tried other cupcakes after this shop), they both claim that this is the best cupcake they've ever tasted. Now I regret not trying one.

Kat insisted we take a photo with the bear cause he looked kinda sad.

We had a bit of time to kill, so we picked a random coffee shop. To hang out. Victoria was also where I found my love for lounging at a coffee shop. Perhaps it's the without-a-care-in-this-world island attitude which made it one of my favorite past times there. This one was named Habit. 

They have a great selection of beverages. The same goes for their magazines. Love the urban simplicity of their decor.

That was where Dan decided to whip out his supplement to his coffee. You see right. Those are sour cream and onion crickets. Real crickets. Straight from The Victoria Bug Museum. 

You can see its eyes and what looks like one arm up waving at you. Ugh. 

Yah, digusting. I forget what he said it tasted like. I think something like it didn't taste like anything but just a little crunchy.

And on top of that, he had these. Dessert for later.

After coffee, we went back to Shum's place to wait for her to get off work. When she was home, half of us went to our restaurant choice to wait for a table for dinner, while the rest of us waited for Shum to get ready. 

She spent just as much time making faces to my camera as she did putting on make up.

Ahhhh....... Pagliacci's. This was one of my favorite restaurants back in the day. Cheap pasta. Tasty sauces. Delicious free bread. Live music. Great ambiance. What's not to like? I was excited to go back.

Their sangria was pretty tasty.

Good times with great company.

However... I am a little sad to report that it's not as great as I remember it to be. It was still good, but not crazy fantastic good. I think it used to be so great because it used to be cheap. I swear the prices of the dishes had gone up. And the service this time wasn't stellar.

We still had a marvelous night. Let you know what we did in the next post. To be continued...