Friday, May 18, 2012

Victoria - Home Sweet Home (Part 1)

We started the day off in the Chinatown area of Victoria. We walked through Fan Tan Alley to get to Johnson Street. For all of the three years I lived in Victoria, and the many, many times I've been in Chinatown and Johnson St., I've only been through Fan Tan Alley once. It's really a neat little brick hallway between two buildings that is lined with unique shops. 

And as you exit, it becomes even more narrow. Fun fact : the narrowest part of the alley is 0.9m.

We made our way to the docks on the water. We were ready to try some fish and chips at Red Fish Blue Fish. This little harbourfront restaurant (converted from a steel shipping container) has been featured on Eat St. One of its chef is also currently on Top Chef. All the rave has brought the group of us down to try too. 

It wasn't nearly noon, and a line-up was already forming. 

This is what I absolutely love about it. I have this thing for outdoor dining. And with a harbour view to boot, I'm a happy gal. 

There is something different about this water view to me than the water view we get along the sea wall in Vancouver. Perhaps because I've OC'd (outrigger canoe) on that water before and it brings back the memories.

I'm a creeper stalking strangers' dogs.

And here you have it : seafood chower. So yum. Packed with ingredients with an ultra flavourful chowder base.

Halibut fish and fish poutine. Mmm... The batter was nice and crispy but thin. 

Seafood Poutine. 

Good timing for us. By the time we finished eating, the line-up was insane.

More doggy stalking.

After eating, we did a little shopping. Johnson Street is my most favoritest street in Victoria. It has many one of a kind boutiques (and some mainstream ones too). This is new. "Oh Sugar" is a candy shop filled with sweets from around the world. Now you don't need to fly anywhere else to get that special candy. It was open about two months ago. 

We spent a fair deal of time in here rummaging through all things different. 

Kat, do you have enough Mentos? There was a "drops" Mentos. We learned that "drops" in other parts of the world means licorice.

I talked about my favorite street. Now, let me show you my favorite store. This isn't on Johnson Street, but located back near Chinatown. It has expanded since I left Victoria. It is an enormous tea shop with a spa inside. It sells everything tea and spa related, from tea leaves to skin care products. I love it all. Kat and I went a little crazy and did a little damage in our wallets.

While we dropped off our goodies in Kat and Ray's hotel room, Dan went over to YellowJacket. When we were done, we went in to find him. 

And it smelled like guy in there. Hard to describe... but there was definitely a musky guy smell. Ick.

I've seen this shop many times when I lived in Vic, but I've never ventured inside. Leave it to friends who love candy or a little something different to bring you in. 

It's a cute little shop with a whole lot of selection. The lady at the store let us sample most things. 

When Jen and I used to fantasize over owning our own place, we loved walking into this shop called Only Human. It had all things interior decorating and modern. We met Sadie, the owner's dog, when the group of us walked in this time. Sadie is such a cute corgi! 

She went up to every customer and greeted them with a stare. The photo on the right is of Sadie and her owner.

Bye bye, Sadie! Aww...

Our adventure - to be continued...

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