Thursday, May 31, 2012

Meat And Bread

I didn't have much planned for the holidays this time around. Perhaps just to do a whole lot of nothing. But one place I wanted to try was Meat And Bread. I've heard about this place a gazillion times. From friends. From coworkers. Even on Arabomb-Shell's blog, she's mentioned it numerous times... with a post titled "Can't Get Enough". I just don't normally venture in that direction, but for this holiday, I told myself that I'm gonna.

Luckily or not luckily, I didn't get a chance during my holidays, but I did during my "short term disability" days off work. And luckily or not luckily, it was on the day that my car's thermostat busts and my garage door won't open, but Maria offered to drive me down for a lunch at Meat And Bread. Seemed like nothing was going to stop me from trying it this time!

Love the simplicity of the wood plank, paper and puddles of mustard and hot sauce. No plates. No condiment dishes. 

The sandwich was of colossal proportions. It was overflowing with juicy and delicious pork. Each sandwich was hand-seasoned with salt and their sauce, and also sprinkled with crispy and crunchy pork skin. The bread was also nicely toasted. Dipped in a little bit of a mixture of mustard and hot sauce, it was absolutely to-die-for. Even with all the recommendations, it wasn't overhyped. I loved it. 

I got mine with a pea soup. The soup was a bit too salty. But ahh, it would never win over the sandwich anyway! 

All you need is one amazing sandwich, and you got yourself a very successful business. They currently opened a second location in Downtown ( I went to the original Gastown location). And the restaurant was constantly flowing with people while we were there. I think 95% of the people were there to pick up one of their famous porchetta sandwich. I almost can't wait to go back again.

I love catching a moment when my friends aren't quite ready for a photo yet. 

Am still in a bit of awe at how well (and convenient) my iphone took these shots.


  1. I'm so glad you liked it!!

    Now you have to try the brie/proscuitto/pear sandwich at Finch's. It is tied with the porchetta for my favourite sandwiches.

  2. Yah, I liked it! Can't wait to go again! I heard about Finch's too. A tie eh?? that will be the next place to hit :)