Thursday, May 17, 2012

Victoria - Home Sweet Home (Arrival)

(Trip date : April 27-29, 2012).

This is Bran and Kat aboard one of the BC ferries. A place I'm so familiar with. We were heading over to Victoria to visit Shum and celebrate her birthday.

I lived in Victoria for almost 3 years from 2004 to the end of 2006, ferrying home to visit family and friends about once a month. My home was in Victoria. Coming back to Vancouver (where I was born and where I grew up) felt like a place to visit. I grew so accustomed to island life...

It was a lot of firsts for me. First "real" job. First time as a pharmacist. First apartment. First time living away from parents. First time paying my own bills. First time cooking every meal. First time not living in the same city. First time learning how to row with a club that fostered the national rowing team. First time taking hop hop dance lessons. First time learning to love something I really never enjoyed previous to moving there - running. First time running six 10km races in a year and watching myself shave off minutes each time. It was in Victoria... where I grew as a person exponentially and learned to know the things I like and enjoy.

So... needless to say, a piece of me will always be in Victoria.

A cup of hot chocolate on a late night ferry ride home was always so soothing.

The one difference from "back in the day" and nowadays, is the amount of electronic device usage on the ferry. We were all on our own for a while, then we all ended up watching a Korean show on Kat's ipad.

1.5 hours of a ferry ride later, we made our way to Shum's place.

Shum needs a stick to open her windows.

She served us a platter of cream puffs on a bed of brownie with a glass of milk. I couldn't resist it. 

Bran and Dan brought over a box of donuts for Shum from Cartems. They have all sorts of funky flavours. We were all eager to try the Earl Grey donut.

We arrived late at night, so we spent the rest of the time lounging on the floor or on the couch in our PJs. Ahh, good to see Shumbum (and Victoria) again.

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