Thursday, May 10, 2012

Blue Skies And White Clouds

 Another iphone photo.

There is a Chinese phrase that literally translates into "Blue Skies And White Clouds" that simply means a beautiful day. The last week or so has been nothing short of exactly that. The sun has finally come out to play.

Last weekend, Kat came over and we took an afternoon stroll around my neighbourhood. It was serene. You can hear birds chirping, lawnmowers mowing, and people quietly chatting while on their walk too. The sun beamed down on us. It was beautiful.

We somehow ended up at a nearby grocery store. Because like me, she also loves wandering and rummaging through aisles. What began as "I'll pick up just this one item" turned into both of us lugging bags of goodies home. We must have forgotten that we were travelling by foot.

Tonight, I went on an evening stroll with Patsy. We chatted until the sun disappeared. An hour later, and many breaths of fresh air after, we retired home completely content.

Ahh, I love blue skies and white clouds kinda days.

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