Saturday, May 5, 2012

Jen's Baby Shower

On April 22nd, Maria and I, with the help from many of our friends, threw Jen a baby shower. We got Karen baking more goodies. We got Kat whippin' somethin' up in the kitchen. We got Bran on the spinach dip. We got Allie picking up the cake. I even got my dad helping me assemble the sandwiches. After finishing my knitting project, I had just enough time to throw together some party favours and whirl like a storm through the kitchen. All the while, Maria ran around town picking up everything else... which was all wheeled into the party room with a trolley. All the above mentioned arrived a little earlier to decorate and set the place up. Yeah, parties are a bit of work.

There is absolutely no intentions of making Jen feel bad if she read this. The very truth is, I love it. And I would do it over and over and over and over and over again. Sharing milestones of people you care about and celebrating happy moments... that's what life's all about. There are good times and there are the bads. This is definitely one of the many goods.

And the point is, time and time again, I'm reminded what great friends I have. When you need them, for good or bad, they're always right there. It took a couple text messages to ask for help, and on the day of, we got ourselves a buffet of homemade food. It's amazing. (Have I talked about my friends enough? Do you know how much I love them?).

Anyway... this was Jen's day.

People gathered around the food table and gabbed about the excitement of Jen's baby.

Then there was gatherings of people taking pictures of other people's (Karwen's) baby.

One of Jen's many infamous expressions. This one is the "I'm freaking out at having to take so many pictures!" expression.

Everyone : "That is a really cute top! And your baby bump is so cute!". 

Cake from Valley Bakery.

After a few mellow games, Jen opened her gigantic pile of presents.

Jen was surrounded by presents. And those presents were stacked on top of each other. Hmm... yah, Jen. I wouldn't know where to start either if I were you... 

Someone had the best seat in the house. 

I don't think I had one photo with the pregger lady. Nor was there a friends group picture! Just family and coworkers. Oh well! 

It was great seeing everybody. Another great party in the books. 

It's still a bit surreal that my childhood friend is going to be a mom. We met each other in second grade when we were seven. I told her... in seven years, when your daughter is seven, she too could be meeting her lifelong friend for the very first time. 

Cannot wait to meet the little one. Congratulations, Jen and Anthony!

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