Sunday, May 29, 2011

Run In The Sun

If I had to choose a kind of day to spend everyday, today would be the day.

Being up late yesterday night, I knew and had it planned that I would sleep in this morning. Woke up and putted around the house and took my time getting ready before I headed out to meet up with friends at Kirin for some yummy dim sum. I haven't hung out with Fred and Eddie in what seems like ages. There was also Bran, Dan and Allie. Fred had just come back from his 35 day backpacking trip around Nepal. His trip stories cracked us up. Dim sum and chinese restaurants in general are usually pretty noisy, but I swear we were the noisiest table. Haven't had one of those silly, "slap my forehead" kind of laughs in a while. Good eats and good company.

After that, I drove myself to the sea wall and found free parking. I don't know how I always luck out in free parking there. I didn't even have to circle around once. Of course, I always take the last free spot too. That alone puts a skip in my step. The sea wall was pretty packed. It was one beautiful day and everyone was out enjoying it. People walking their dogs. People taking photos. People strolling with their babies. People jogging and riding their bikes. Or just people simply sunbathing on the lawn. The view there never fails to amaze me. The sun is warm against my skin but yet there was a cool, calm breeze coming in from the water.

I took one heck of a long stroll for warm up. I have been dying to come to the sea wall for weeks. On the whole, life is good. But even when life is good, there's sometimes pesky thoughts that plague my mind. I needed to clear them. I told myself that I'd give myself the length of time spent on the seawall to think through everything and anything and then once I leave the seawall, I'm going to leave it there. 

After my warm up walk and stretches, I went for a run. The greatest thing is, even though I had planned to think and work out my thoughts to death, the moment I started running, all thoughts in my head vanish instantly. All of a sudden, my thoughts are all about running. What should my pace be? What is my breathing pattern? Ahh, this feels familiar. Run at a pace where you're still able to talk. Thinking about each pounding of the pavement. This was how it used to be. And it came back to me so naturally and unexpectedly.

This is the reason I don't run with anyone. It's my own game. My own workout. My own call. My own time.  I don't care if that 70 year old man infront of me is sprinting so much faster. I don't care when or where I'll start or finish (well, I have an idea but not to set limits).

I ran to every beat of the songs I played from my nano. Good thing Ming sent me mp3s versions of all the songs he burnt on CD. Love the (6th edition?) nano. The size of that thing is darn small. But this was the reason I bought it. It is so light and small that even if I had no pockets or fancy straps, I could simply clip it to my shirt without worrying about where it would go or whether it would fall. Music doesn't get any more portable.

Ahh, it felt good.

Once the run was done, I took another long stroll to walk it off. I spent an entire two hours on the sea wall and didn't want to leave. Then, I took my time browsing through two grocery stores. Two big bills later, I was a super duper happy camper.

I returned home with my goods and quickly took a shower before dinner with the parents.

Life is good.

(sorry, didn't carry a camera).

Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, Brandee!

It was Brandee's birthday. Dan, her fiance, had emailed me (and everyone else) to coordinate a mini surprise birthday party for her. We had the time set. 10:30pm. Place set. Rooftop deck of her apartment. And the people set. About 10 of us.

Karen and I already made plans to watch our 4th symphony the same night. (More on that later). So unfortunately, the surprise had to be later on in the night. I checked my schedule for the day, and I happened to have the day off. So what do I do? Attempt to bake the birthday cake.

Dan had emailed and texted me several time to double and triple and quadruple check that I would show up with a cake. He made it pretty clear that there has to be a cake. I told him that if I couldn't make one, then I'll buy one.

After much recipe searching, I decided on a lemon chiffon cake.

I love chiffon cakes. They are light and airy.  I would make the lemon curd extra tart because I know that's the way Brandee likes it.
I figured I had all day. I could bake it twice if I needed to. I took my time shopping for all the ingredients and even stopped to pick up a green tea latte. I hadn't eaten much for lunch but I figured I'd be home all day so I have plenty of time to snack...

My mom had gone to an acupuncture appointment after giving me all the warnings of all the difficulties in making a chiffon cake. You can't over beat the batter or all the air bubbles will go and your cake will deflate. Don't mix but fold. Make sure you put the cake upside down once you take it out of the oven or it will sink. Don't open the oven door when baking or the temperature will change. Etc. Etc. Etc. I knew the drill... and I've seen her bake it a million times before. I'll just be extra careful.

Using my brand new micorplane to zest the lemons.

Extra careful I was. I read the recipe over a million times. Making sure each step was measured right and techniques done properly. I'm not usually a perfectionist when it comes to recipes, but... Dan did text a few times that there's got to be a cake.

I folded the fluffy hard peak egg whites into the batter. I did not mix. I measured every ingredient to the tee. I was so careful. Once the batter was ready to go in the pan, I was pretty happy with it. I was getting excited on how it would turn out. And then...

... I poured the batter into the tube pan...

.... and out the bottom of the pan the batter ran.


What a mess.

I was skeptical about using my mom's 25+ year old pan. Not because it was rusty or dirty or even old looking. But the bottom of the pan, after going through all the heat, has become a bit ripley. I should have gone with my instinct.

At that point, I was panicking. The first thing that ran through my head was Dan's messages... there has to be a cake.

Oh crap.

I thought, just stick it in the oven anyways. Maybe once it starts to bake, it won't leak. I don't know WHAT I was thinking. I wasn't. I stuck it in the oven... and watched it through the window... where the batter continued to drip to the bottom of  the oven. Okay. No. This is NOT going to work.

I took the batter out of the oven while it continued to drip all over the counter and floor. WHAT a mess. If anyone else stepped into the kitchen at that moment, I'm sure they would say, "For Christ's Sake, what is going on in here?!." But I had to laugh at myself.  I texted Dan the entire progress of cake making... now was the time to report, "There may not be a cake! Disaster!".

I quickly jabbed my feet into my shoes and grabbed my keys and fled out the door. I have to buy a new pan. NOW. I was in such a rush that I hadn't even realized that I had stepped into batter on the floor... and now.... in my shoes.... oh.... dear. But, there were more important things at stake.

I bought a new tube pan, rushed home, and stood in the kitchen for another five minutes thinking ... what the heck have I done. Now, do I start from scratch? I figured, even if I've lost 1/3 of my batter by now, I shouldn't let the rest go to waste. So, I transferred it to the new pan. All I could think of was how my carefulness went to waste. With all the transferring of the batter, who knows what condition it may be in now.

I threw it in the oven and started to clean up my mess. Once the kitchen was cleaned up, my mom came home. I told her about my whole fiasco, and then she says, "I have a second pan you know." Umm. Ok. Tell me now?!

Didn't matter. No more time to waste. By then, I had about an hour left. I could only cross my fingers that the cake would turn out. I started making the lemon curd and icing.

I followed all the directions and put the cake upside down to cool. With about twenty minutes left, I had no choice but to slap everything together. Literally. I took a rubber spatula and literally threw on the lemon curd and icing to the cake. Who cares what it looks like at this point. There is at least a cake.

Upside down cake cooling on top of a chinese bowl.

Adding the filling.

Let's just say... there is a LOT of room for improvement on the presentation. It was the ugliest cake I've ever seen. Seriously. Grossly unappetizing even. But, there is at least a cake.

When 10:30pm rolled around and we surprised Brandee on the rooftop, her first reaction to my cake was, "What the hell is that??". I laughed to myself. I would have asked the same question. Hahaha. I'm laughing as I type this post.

But, everyone gave me their honest opinion and said the cake tasted really good.  Don't worry. I tasted it myself and it wasn't so bad if I could say so myself. I kicked the chiffon part in the butt! It was light. And fluffy. I'd totally make it again.  The lemon curd was tart. (I had squeezed a bit more lemon juice than what the recipe called for). I even saw people going back for seconds.

Wasn't until I got home at 2am that I realized I hadn't eaten all day since lunch.

Who's birthday's next???? Ha ha.

Happy Birthday, Brandee!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Western Conference Champions

If you know Vancouver, you'll know that hockey is big. This city goes absolutely crazy for hockey. When there's a playoff game on, you might as well choose that time for your joy rides, cruising, or grocery shopping. That's when the roads are clear and almost everyone is either at the game or somewhere watching the game.

Now I must admit that I'm not a true fan because I don't really follow it during the regular season, but come playoffs time, I'll watch every game the Canucks play and even the rest of the games in the league. Yes, a bandwaggoner. (eek). I paid $300 for playoff tickets a couple years ago to sit in the lower bowl, second row, right behind the camera man in plain view of the goalie's net. Same as what I paid for Olympics closing ceremony tickets. (And I don't regret going to either). The atmosphere and energy in the arena was through the roof. Absolutely amazing.

The last time we made it to the finals was in 1994. I was in seventh grade. To be honest, I only semi knew it was a big deal back then because my brother (who was in grade five) followed it and the boy I was crushing on followed it. Haha. I was twelve years old. I remember my brother making my parents drive him to the mall so we can search all over to buy a white towel. And we watched game 7 at home waving our one white towel in front of the TV. And then we heard about the riot when we lost that game. At that age, I knew a riot wasn't a good thing... but I didn't really know how bad.

The Canucks were leading 3-1 in this semi-final series. If they win the next game, they win the Western Conference and advance to the finals for the Stanley Cup. I wanted to watch them win it. And if they do, I want to be there to cheer.

I was tired after work but had a bit of excitement in me still to watch the game. I quickly changed into my Canucks gear, splashed some cold water on my face and tied up my messy hair and off I went to a pub to meet my friends. I felt like I just rolled out of a bed after a restless night.

But, once I got to the pub, you could feel the anxiousness of everyone there. We tried out Toby's on Commercial Drive.

It's mandatory for a game to eat greasy, bad food. And to guzzle beer.

We started off with a one goal lead. Then the San Jose Sharks tied it up. I saw the third goal coming ... and the Sharks took over the lead to make the game 2-1. The happy energy of the pub fell. I'm sure there was a whole lot of "Oh well, we still have the next game" thoughts going through people's heads. With one minute to go in the third period, Canucks pulled their goalie. The last minute is always so intense...

And with thirteen seconds to go, Kesler (with what seemed like a pretty bad injury from earlier on in the game) scored the tying goal!!!!! The noise erupted from the pub. On to OVERTIME.

Friends watching at home texted that they'd come join us at the pub.

They could very well be here only for a minute. As soon as someone scores, the game is over. They ordered a pitcher of beer anyway. And good to enjoy it all because overtime went on to second overtime.

By then, the game as gone on for four hours.

I can't even remember the last moment... it was a blur... Boom Boom Bieksa scored the winning goal in second overtime and made the Canucks the CHAMPIONS OF THE WESTERN CONFERENCE!!

Cheers broke out through the pub. Everyone hugged and high five each other. It was one super joyous moment.

My fatigue came rushing back to me when everyone started leaving the pub. But, a part of me wanted to see the celebrations of this victory in downtown. Party central. I had my reservations. I'm tired... do I really want to be amongst the chaotic crowds? Do I really want to be with the drunks? Ugh. Don't know what convinced me though, probably mostly my curiosity, I drove my friends and I down to Cambie St. and hopped on the skytrain down to City Center.

The party was definitely happenin' on Granville St. In Vancouver, since the Olympics, Granville St. has been the center of all celebrations and street parties. The street is now pedestrian only. Leaving a pretty wide street for lots of room for partying. We walked up and down just soaking in the scene. Drums and musicians. People hoisting each other up. Singing and cheering. A million cameras. A thousand signs. A flood of people all in their Canucks gear. We bumped into a whole bunch of other friends. Surprisingly, it was super civil. Everyone was just having a good time. No crazy drunks and fights or pushing and shoving.

This kid was jumping and cheering with his sign all by himself.

Everyone was high fiving everyone and all I could think at that moment was, it's okay. I got a bottle of hand sanitizer in the car.  Hah.

The news said the celebrations rivaled that of the Olympics. Hmm, not quite. The gold game of the Olympics was still out of this world. But...

(Long enough post? )

Wait till we win the Stanley Cup.

Monday, May 23, 2011


A few days ago, when I was bumming in the livingroom on the couch, my brother walked in.

"Why are you sitting like that? What are you, five?".

It wasn't until he said that that I noticed I was lying on the couch with my head hanging over the side and my hair touching the floor. I used to do that a lot as a kid. I remember how my mom used to scold me for doing it. "Sit properly! It's not good to have all the blood rushing to your head!". I didn't do it on purpose. For some reason, it was just comfortable.

As I was just lying there thinking whatever thoughts, I was doing the same. Without realizing.

Habits will always be habits I guess.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Something Borrowed

I read the book five or more years ago so I don't remember the story too well. I didn't even know they made a movie out of the book until seeing an ad for it. Went to checked out the movie tonight. Oddly enough, two guys were sitting by themselves behind us.

I was expecting a fluff movie. It's a chick flick. But, there were parts that tugged at my heart strings. And then there were the other parts... "I'm turning 30! I'm past prime child bearing!". Ugh.

It was a fun movie though. Pretty good for a chick flick. Haven't seen a good one in a long time.

What cracked me up most was when one girl character (who is not too bright) in the movie was confiding in another girl about some guy and said, "We have this... connection. It was like.... genetic." One of the guys (from the two guys sitting by themselves behind us) reacted and said out loud, "WHAT! That doesn't even make sense".

Hah. It's a chick flick.

When he said to her, "You were always the one. You're like.... home."...

Oh my gosh.


Haha. The fifteen year old girl in me.

Can't wait for the sequel! Haha.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Richmond Night Market

Shum and I had all intentions in going out for a summer salad somewhere, anywhere, and that is one milestone event to date considering that Shum never likes salads. But with one text from Ming that read "Where are you going? Night Market?", Shum and I looked at each other and had the same thought in mind. Screw the salad. Swing the car the other way! Off we went to the Night Market.

It might have been a couple years since I've last been there. I don't recall parking being $5! We parked a little further and walked a little further. It was just as before... with the bustling of people. It was packed but I could imagine it being shoulder-to-shoulder packed as the summer comes.

We decided to browse through the stands for any cheap goodies before we went for the food stands.  There were the usual stand of cellphone covers and knickknacks. There were a couple stands of Korean contact lenses. Shum taught me that it's the newest thing where these contact lenses make your pupils appear larger to make your eyes look bigger. Kinda freaky if you ask me. Shum checked out the stands of eyelashes and stocked up on some.

After a bit of shopping, we hit the food stands. There were a couple repeat stands, but the variety of food seems to have expanded. We made a round down the two aisle of food before we could decide what to eat. Neither of us had eaten dinner so we could have dove into anything.

First up, some dim sum.

Of course, it is nothing compared to the quality of dim sum in actual dim sum restaurants. But, there is something about eating food on a stick outside on the street amongst the hustling and bustling of people. The experience makes it super enjoyable.

Takoyaki's seem to be a staple at the Richmond Night Market from the start. Japanese dough balls filled with yummies and topped with teriyaki and mayo sauce and dried squid. We went with a combo of octopus and scallops. They had a couple other choices too. Here's Shum holding the takoyaki sporting her Canucks blue nails.

Next up, topokki. Topokki is chewy rice cake with spicy sauce. I love korean rice cake. Again, chewy! It wasn't bad but not a big fan of the spicy sauce. It tasted like spicy Chef Boyardee. Give it a try and let me know if you agree.

This was my FAVORITE. There is a stand there that sells mango desserts. All things have mango. If you love mangoes, this is the place to try out. We chose a dessert of mangos, grapefruit and sago. It is topped with a bit of coconut milk. Oh, it was so good! I love the bits of bitterness from the grapefruit with the sweetness of everything else. Again, sago? It's chewy. Would be more perfect if it was warm out. Definitely going back once more this year just to have this again!

There was a Japanese yam fries stand where they had a character called Mr. Yam to represent. Don't you think Mr. Yam looks a bit like Mr. Peanut? 

Sticking potatoes.

Sour cream hurricane potatoes. Also very good. There were three stands for these kind of potatoes and each of them had a super duper long lineup. Didn't matter. Pick up something to eat from another stand and enjoy it while lining up. We would eat at one stand, turn around, and conveniently find ourselves in a lineup for the next stand. You don't have to walk very far to get your goodies!

Shum was super duper excited when she saw this sign. "OMG, deep fried cheesecake!!!!!". And even though we were stuffed, she was still curious to try. Too bad, in the end, it was a disappointment. Instead of it actually being deep fried, it was rolled up in a spring roll wrap. It wasn't even crunchy.

All in all though, it was super fun. Satisfying. But, ugh.... my stomach is yelling, "Stupid, you should have had the salad!".

Drop By And Say Hi

I had a few unexpected visitors at work today!

Kat and Ray dropped in first. They told me many times, together or separately, that they've come into my work looking for me but always on a day that I'm off. Ray said he was beginning to wonder if I really work there. Today though, they came in while I was in. It's always nice to see familiar faces. Makes me feel less disconnected from the world that is contained within the four white walls and shelves of bottles of pills, you know? And nice to know they were thinkin' of you while they're enjoying their day off.

Ray was sporting his playoff beard. Sorry to say, bud, but even with that rug on your chin, you still look like a kid. Your babyface will never give away your age. Haha. And the beard just doesn't go. And like Kat says, has gotta go! Haha. But, of course, after we win the Stanley Cup.

I wish I was hanging out with them instead of being at work. But then I might just get all miffed at these crazy government workers and all the days off they get. Hah.

Then, about half an hour later, Bran and Dan dropped by! Wow, "Visit Amie At Work" day?? Like last time, they brought me a piece of dessert. After my episode of hypoglycemia at work last year , they said the piece of dessert was to prevent anymore of that. Haha, there goes all my efforts of eating salads only at work! No, I'm kidding. Thank you so much for the thought.

I didn't want them to gooooooooooooooooooooo. Please visit me at work again.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Salad Time

With longer days and sun, it puts me in the mood for more salads. Been taking a salad to work everyday for the past two weeks. It's generally a base of spinach or spring mix greens topped with a variation of the following : dried cranberries, cherry tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, sliced boiled egg, chopped up ham, salmon, pulled roasted chicken, candied pecans, almonds, red peppers, corn, avacado, or mushrooms.

I've been loving a dressing of plain balsamic vinegar, olive oil and honey. There's other variety of salad dressings too. I just make sure to load up on all kinds of veggies, add a protein, and make sure there's a bit of fat (dressing) to help absorb some of those fatty vitamins.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


It was absolutely beautiful outside today. I could have stayed outside forever in that weather. Sunny weather makes me happy. (I probably have a bit of SAD). But what else makes me just as happy indoors?

A shiny brand new kitchen left for me to use.

 I do have a queer infactuation with brand new kitchens. With all the open houses I've visited in search for my own home, the most important thing to me is the kitchen. Or, the potential of a good kitchen. I'm not a crazy good cook, but I enjoy it. I love kitchen gadgets. I love kitchen features. But till that day I find my own home, I don't have a kitchen to call my own.

I also love quiet alone time.  I love company but I also love time alone equally.But sometimes, it's hard to come by. Today, I got some alone time with Ming's brand new kitchen. Double whammy!

I love it.

I was probably more busy admiring these tiles and the shiny counter and the shiny stovetop than actually busy cooking. (Not that I haven't seen the kitchen before...but still loving it). I left the hockey game on in the background while I whipped up dinner in the kitchen. Besides that, and the whurring of the stove fan, it was quiet. Just me and the kitchen. (Ming had left to play squash with his boss).  I was in total heaven. (Yah, it really doesn't take much).

I didn't document the whole cooking process this time. I was busy watching the game in between. But here are a couple of photos of the mash potatoes in progress.

The foil wrapping is so asian.
See, Ming! Mashed potatoes were from scratch. Not from pre-packaged crap.

This game ended with a 7-3 win for the 'Nucks! Woooooooo....

Here's the final product. Grilled steak marinated in red wine and garlic. I personally could have used a bit more seasoning I think. Summer salad with corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, avacados and green onion. Sauteed mushrooms (which Ming thought were from cans... uhh, no! Fresh crimini mushrooms!). And garlic mash. It was all simple.

Two things I find about cooking is : 1 ) It's more enjoyable when you're cooking for someone else.  2 ) It's a learning process. I remember when I first moved out of my parents' place and living with roommates, I not only had to learn how to cook but also learn what my roommates like or did not like to eat. It took a while before I could really make a good meal. In combination of kitchen skills and knowledge of ingredients and recipes, you learn over time what different people prefer or do not prefer to eat.

I remember I used to love mango in some of my curry recipes. Only to find one of my roommates picking out all the mangoes 'cause she didn't like mangoes period. Or even, how I tried to cook meats before she came home from work because she disliked the smell of meat cooking.

I think if I learned anything tonight, Ming likes his sauces. And there was none.

At the same time, he says he's not picky. Reminds me how... my dad always tries so hard to see what my brother and I liked to eat even though we're good with pretty much whatever. It got a bit annoying at times when he tried to cater everything to our tastes. 'Cuz really, we didn't care all that much. And plus, he would cook what he thought we liked over and over again. Even if we did like that food, we'd grow to get sick of it. Eeek! I'm turning into my dad!

After dinner, we had a couple more Korean desserts out of the box.

I picked the latter because it looked like a peach. Or some sort of fruit. And not dyed a flourescent pink or orange. Ming cracks up and goes "You picked the butt crack! You have to post the butt crack on your blog!". Ehh. Mature. What can I say.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Did I Really?

Did I really say "The pianist was amazing" twice in the last post? Gosh, I should really stop updating my blog in the middle of the night. No more, no more.

I was craving one of these tonight. With the sun finally peeking out after a dreary week of rain, I felt like a mochi ice cream. Too bad...  I don't have any. These photos were taken a few months ago.

Yes, in case anybody doesn't know what the inside of a mochi ice cream looks like. Chewy on the outside. Ice cream on the inside. That one is green tea. Ming says it's weird and gross that I take photos of my half bitten food. 

Summer is fast approaching. (Or, judging by the recent weather, it may never get here). And because of that, my schedule is slowly starting to fill up for the next few months... so. much. to. do!!

I heart sunny weather. If you asked my brother, he'd probably tell you only 17 year old comic characters talk like that. "I heart such and such." Like Knives Chau from Scott Pilgrim. Finally finished the entire 6-book series (sounds like a lot but you can finish it in a day). And watched the movie. It's a little weird no doubt. With its video game references and all. But I enjoyed both. But more so the books over the movie.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Symphony #3

Tonight was the third symphony of our symphony sampler.  Pianist was amazing. Orchestra was spectacular as usual. Really loving these samplers and am already sad that there is only one left.

It's two hours each time that I thoroughly enjoy.  It's reminding me to maybe put the classical music back into the music players. Every time I go to these concerts, I am reminded how very glad I am to have taken years and years of music classes. Although I wasn't always good at doing the homework or practicing the piano, I did love it. Learning about the basics. The classicals. The rules. The composing. The theory. It makes me appreciate it all.

This time, it was Russian music. Energetic and strict. Sergei Rachmaninoff (Russian Composer). Tough to play pieces. The pianist was amazing.

Only one more left!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Just Go With It

I think he's given up.

Normally, when I say, "Let's watch a chick flick!", I get an immediate "NO". Maybe he feels bad having made me watch "The Hit List" last time (one horrible movie). Or maybe he's finally given up. Or, giving in. Watch "Just Go With It" with Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler tonight.

I haven't watched a classic, same ol' same ol' Rom-Com in a while. I didn't have much expectations for this one but surprisingly, I enjoyed it. My kind of movie.  Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler had more chemistry in this one than her with Ben Stiller in "Along Came Polly". It was stupid funny. And most of the movie being in Hawaii, how could you not like?

I think I caught Ming rolling his eyes at the end of the movie but I know he secretly enjoyed it.

One of Ming's friends recently came back from Korea and gave him a really pretty box of Korean sweets.

Only I am smart enough to put a black box on top of a black table for its photo op.

Inside the pretty (and heavy duty) box were these pretty and colourful individually packed mochi balls.

They were so pretty that I didn't want to eat them. But they are supposedly meant to be eaten right away. And I've already made Ming hold off on them for almost a week...

Ming picked the orange one. It looks like a pumpkin. What does it taste like? I think he just shrugged.

I picked this one. Like the green with the yellow and bluish purple flowers.

And the inside. Tasted like bean paste. The first bite tasted like green tea. But I could just be thrown off from the green colour. Think it just tasted like bean paste. Ming's was orange on the inside, but also looked like bean paste.

Love the outside. It looks like a mochi ball but it was a lot more chewy. I like chewy.

Love desserts that you cannot get here! I think I'd eat these over a Parisian macaron anyday. I'm still lovin' the Asian finds over Europeans... but I have yet to try a gelato from Italy.

Guess who gets LouLou magazines delivered to his house?? He claims that it was part of some promotion and he had no other option nor got to choose the magazine. Uh huh. Did I not mention that he's a bit girly? Anyway, after watching "Just Go With It", he turned on his choice of movie. That's "I Am Number Four" playing in the background. That's ok... I got the girly magazines to keep me company.

Chick Flick + Girly Magazine + Korean Sweets + lounging in comfy clothes = a good, chill night to end off another exhausting week at work.

(Oh yah. And Bo Laksa #4 ).