Saturday, May 21, 2011

Drop By And Say Hi

I had a few unexpected visitors at work today!

Kat and Ray dropped in first. They told me many times, together or separately, that they've come into my work looking for me but always on a day that I'm off. Ray said he was beginning to wonder if I really work there. Today though, they came in while I was in. It's always nice to see familiar faces. Makes me feel less disconnected from the world that is contained within the four white walls and shelves of bottles of pills, you know? And nice to know they were thinkin' of you while they're enjoying their day off.

Ray was sporting his playoff beard. Sorry to say, bud, but even with that rug on your chin, you still look like a kid. Your babyface will never give away your age. Haha. And the beard just doesn't go. And like Kat says, has gotta go! Haha. But, of course, after we win the Stanley Cup.

I wish I was hanging out with them instead of being at work. But then I might just get all miffed at these crazy government workers and all the days off they get. Hah.

Then, about half an hour later, Bran and Dan dropped by! Wow, "Visit Amie At Work" day?? Like last time, they brought me a piece of dessert. After my episode of hypoglycemia at work last year , they said the piece of dessert was to prevent anymore of that. Haha, there goes all my efforts of eating salads only at work! No, I'm kidding. Thank you so much for the thought.

I didn't want them to gooooooooooooooooooooo. Please visit me at work again.

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