Friday, May 6, 2011

East Is East

Today, Bran and I went to look for fabric to make our bridesmaid dresses. In a massive store like Fabricana, it can be overwhelming. Just fabric types alone, there were a gazillion, let alone choosing a colour. I believe we decided on a stiffer type of silk called Dupioni. My previous bridesmaids dresses were all made with Dupioni... so I'm familiar.

When we found the first batch of Dupioni, we found only one shade of the colour we're looking for. Good! Less choices, less decisions to make, less fuss. We were pretty quick in our decision and happy that we've found something that we're satisfied with.... until a Fabricana staff points us to the second batch of Dupioni.

In the second batch, there were three more choices of the same colour. All just a notch different from the next. It's like choosing a colour purple... it wasn't just pastel purple, burgundy purple and eggplant purple. It would four different shades of just eggplant purple. (Not mentioning the actual colour we're looking for incase the bride wants to keep it a secret from some). Oh boy! Do we want a black purple?  A grey purple? A purple eggplant purple? Or a burnt eggplant purple? Seriously... they were all very similar. And I guess you could go eeny-meeny-miney-mo. But... we're girls. I'm just glad I'm not the bride. I'm not making the decision. Hehe.

It was a cool day. We warmed up our tummies with a Marco Polo Latte (tea).  While we sat there chatting about wedding details, it started to drizzle outside.

We bummed around one of my favorite places, Granville Island. Chatted up with the Nut Guy. And bought some goodies from Terra Breads. I unexpectedly bought more supplies to my cardmaking collection. Sigh. It's like a switch inside of me that I cannot turn off. At least it was on sale.

We went back to Bran's place to watch the last little part of the hockey game. I'm starting to believe that if I don't care so much about the playoff games and only watch bits and pieces here and there, they will win. That's right. Mm-hmm.

Bran and Dan brought back some Japanese goodies from Japan... and I got a cute brolly! Don't ask me why I'm calling it a brolly and not an umbrella.

They had Blueberry Cheesecake Kit Kat, Tea flavoured Kit Kat, Tofu Pudding Kit Kat, Wasabi Kit Kat, Soy Sauce Kit Kat, and seven rainbow flavours of Pocky!

Then, off we went for dinner with Shum at East Is East. I've been hearing good things about this place for a while. I loved the decor and atmosphere of the restaurant. It was eclectic,. The shakes were amazing. Mmm mmm mmm. The one I chose had honeydew, lychee, pineapple, cardamom, and ice cream I think. I wanted to try them all. The food was good... but they call it Middle Eastern. I thought it was more typical Indian. But, good nonetheless.

I had felt a little bad that at Shum's birthday celebrations last week, we didn't really do anything to acknowledge her birthday other than that it was herself who organized a dinner with the girls. So, Bran and I bought a mini lemon cake for her and got the waitress to light a sparkler on top.
It was hilarious when Shum was being Shum... she got super excited when she saw the waitress bringing out a birthday cake with a sparkler in it. "OMG, it's someone's birthday!". She busted out the Happy Birthday song. It wasn't until mid- song that she realized that the waitress was walking towards her. Haha.

Her reaction? Priceless.

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