Saturday, May 14, 2011

Symphony #3

Tonight was the third symphony of our symphony sampler.  Pianist was amazing. Orchestra was spectacular as usual. Really loving these samplers and am already sad that there is only one left.

It's two hours each time that I thoroughly enjoy.  It's reminding me to maybe put the classical music back into the music players. Every time I go to these concerts, I am reminded how very glad I am to have taken years and years of music classes. Although I wasn't always good at doing the homework or practicing the piano, I did love it. Learning about the basics. The classicals. The rules. The composing. The theory. It makes me appreciate it all.

This time, it was Russian music. Energetic and strict. Sergei Rachmaninoff (Russian Composer). Tough to play pieces. The pianist was amazing.

Only one more left!

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  1. Rachmaninoff pieces are soooo difficult. I wish I could play them because they're so amazing!