Thursday, May 24, 2012

Victoria - Home Sweet Home (Part 2)

I am sorry if you haven't tried Wanna Wafle's waffles if you've been in Victoria, because it's so gooood. The waffles were light and fluffy, but a little crispy on the outside. Top with the simplest yet very delicious toppings. It's a tiny shop in Market Square, and it was full when we got there. 

It was a relatively nice day so we sat outside under their patio umbrella and thoroughly enjoyed these two crazy yummy waffles. Mmm mmm... 

Yah, sometimes... you just have to. 

Dan and Bran have this thing about trying every cupcake shop they encounter. (Well, I suppose if the shop looks good or if it's been given good reviews). Dan ran in first like a kid spotting a candy shop. And when we told him to stand in front of the cupcake shop so we can take a picture, he did just that but was more concerned with ripping the paper off his cupcake. And up till now, (and they have tried other cupcakes after this shop), they both claim that this is the best cupcake they've ever tasted. Now I regret not trying one.

Kat insisted we take a photo with the bear cause he looked kinda sad.

We had a bit of time to kill, so we picked a random coffee shop. To hang out. Victoria was also where I found my love for lounging at a coffee shop. Perhaps it's the without-a-care-in-this-world island attitude which made it one of my favorite past times there. This one was named Habit. 

They have a great selection of beverages. The same goes for their magazines. Love the urban simplicity of their decor.

That was where Dan decided to whip out his supplement to his coffee. You see right. Those are sour cream and onion crickets. Real crickets. Straight from The Victoria Bug Museum. 

You can see its eyes and what looks like one arm up waving at you. Ugh. 

Yah, digusting. I forget what he said it tasted like. I think something like it didn't taste like anything but just a little crunchy.

And on top of that, he had these. Dessert for later.

After coffee, we went back to Shum's place to wait for her to get off work. When she was home, half of us went to our restaurant choice to wait for a table for dinner, while the rest of us waited for Shum to get ready. 

She spent just as much time making faces to my camera as she did putting on make up.

Ahhhh....... Pagliacci's. This was one of my favorite restaurants back in the day. Cheap pasta. Tasty sauces. Delicious free bread. Live music. Great ambiance. What's not to like? I was excited to go back.

Their sangria was pretty tasty.

Good times with great company.

However... I am a little sad to report that it's not as great as I remember it to be. It was still good, but not crazy fantastic good. I think it used to be so great because it used to be cheap. I swear the prices of the dishes had gone up. And the service this time wasn't stellar.

We still had a marvelous night. Let you know what we did in the next post. To be continued...

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