Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Linda's Baby Shower

On April 21st, we threw my cousin, Linda, a baby shower. The above picture are of homemade lemon tarts made by Karen. The tart shell and all. The curd was deliciously tart. 

Karen (and Ray) also made the diaper cake. With Sophie the Giraffe sitting at the very top. 

In fact, Karen made ALL of the food for the shower. (minus the fruit tart shown). Home-baked scones. With clotted cream and jelly. Salmon tarts. Curry chicken mini croissants. Egg and dill sandwiches. Lemon tarts. Chocolate-dipped strawberries. Turkey and cranberry sandwiches. Not pictured : cucumber cream cheese sandwiches. Mini chocolate loaves. (Ray and I stayed up till the wee hours the night before helping out). Everything was scrumptious. To top it off, we washed it all down with a delightful cup of English tea.

Lisa helped out with the decorations. Because we don't know if it's a boy or girl yet, every colour was involved.

We played "Guess The Tummy Size". Everyone ripped their own length of streamer, guessing the circumference of Linda's tummy. Photographed here, Auntie Irene (Linda's mommy) measures her tummy with a measuring tape to determine the winner. She measured 42 inches. 

I asked little Nat and Nicole to show me how long their streamers were. Love how they get super excited over everything. 

We played a silly feeding game which got everyone cracking up. Karen doesn't host parties without games!

Finally, while Linda opens gifts, we played a game of bingo with the items that show up in her presents. 

A beautiful set of sweater and booties hand-knitted by Lisa. 

This was my favorite gift of all. This was drawn by Nat. 

And what she wrote inside was all thought up by herself. She was a little shy at first when everyone was fighting to read it. She said it was only for Auntie Linda. "Kow Foo" in Chinese means uncle (mom's brother). Nat calls her uncle "who who" instead of "Kow Foo", hence what was written in the card. So cute. 

That is all! 

This shower was family only. A small little gathering of about 15 people. It was really nice to get together and celebrate this upcoming milestone of Linda's. I'm sure we all can't wait to meet the little one!

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