Thursday, May 24, 2012

Victoria - Home Sweet Home (Part 3)

We had picked a really busy weekend to visit Victoria with their TC10K happenin' that Sunday. So, after looking around a couple bars and lounges and restaurants to hang out at and determining that it was way too busy, we all headed back to party at Shum's place. It was the perfect plan.. because I had a cake waiting for her in her fridge. 

I ordered it when I was still in Victoria, and Ray and Dan helped pick up the cake in Victoria while the girls shopped. It was a passionfruit cake. 

We laid out the cake on the floor (because she doesn't have a table) along with one of my favorite champagnes (that I had also brought over from Vancouver) while she was downloading some korean soaps in her bedroom. 

And when she came out to the set up on the floor, she was mighty surprised. Happy Birthday, Shummie!

Kat, Bran and I each found a mug that we thought suited her. So for her birthday present, we got her three really cute mugs her new place. That green monster mug was from me. 

Love the breakfast ninja cup. Little Miss Chatterbox fits her so well. 

There was cake, there was alcohol, and there was Donkey Kong Jenga.

Started off with a round between Jordan, Dan, and I. I loved Jenga as a kid. I love Jenga as an adult. Possibly one of my favoritest games. 

Jordan lost that round but could possibly be due to the unevenness of the floor.

Then there was Ray being a jerk pulling all the pieces from the bottom. In the end, his tricks led to his own demise in the game. The punishment for losing the game was to eat a cricket from Dan's stash. 

Cece showing us her cricket before she popped it in her mouth. Gross.

The fun, the games... and all the drinks and the laughters... it all made for an exceptionally fun night. 

In the morning, we headed over to John's Place for some yummy brunch. Shum said she wanted to choose a restaurant she's never been to before, and chose John's Place. Only, when we stepped inside... Shum goes, "Have I been here before? Oh yes, I have!". 

Still good nonetheless.

After Wanna Wafle, I was craving another waffle. This came with a light cream cheese syrup. Sounds disgusting, but it was light and not too sweet. Quite delicious. I'd have this again. 

Unfortunately, around this time of brunch, I received an email from my brother informing me that grandma was in the hospital. She suffered a fall the night before and had to have stitches on her head. Suddenly, a grey cloud loomed over my weekend. And as much as I enjoyed and loved the time I was having with my friends and in beautiful Victoria, at that moment, where I wanted to be was home. Home home. In Vancouver. I was reminded again why I left Victoria, a place I called home and really didn't want to leave.  Because family and friends are really what's home. Fortunately, grandma was okay. And all is well.

Aside from that little scare, it was a really wonderful weekend on the island. 

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