Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Roundel Cafe With Andrew

A little while ago, I went out for lunch with one of my coworkers. We checked out this restaurant called Roundel Cafe. We've heard good things about it but neither of us have been. He got some amazing wrap, and I had the pulled chicken sandwich. It was delicious! We also said, what the hey, let's go for a milkshake too. 

Andrew reads my blog. (Hey Andrew!). He says he finds it calming. Never knew my blog could have such an effect.

Andrew is cool and fun to work with. He's brought in so many treats for the coworkers at work. The latest was more M&M's from Las Vegas. Told ya... the M&M legacy carries on at work! But did you know he bakes the best monkey bread? Deanna and I still talk about it. The buttery cinnamon smell that filled the air when he brought them in... Mmm...

Anyway, if you haven't already checked it out, I would totally recommend the Roundel Cafe. 

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