Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Meet Alayna

No, Jen hasn't given birth yet. That's Alayna covering up her tummy. Alayna was born April 23, 2012 to proud parents, Rosy and Rich! We got to visit the parents and meet the baby one week after. She is already such a cutie! I can seriously stare at her all day. Congratulations :)


On a different note, just came home from Seattle yesterday. While away, the ten minutes that it rained in Seattle caused me to slip and fall (yes, again...) and injure myself (yes, again...). This time, I re-injured my knee from the last fall (re: Vegas trip in March) and also sprained my ankle on top of that.

It felt a whole lot worse compared to the last time. There was immediate swelling but it seemed minimal. Anyway, paid a visit to the doctor's today, and was told I injured the tendon attached to the knee cap (and not the knee cap itself nor the ligaments supporting it) and as well as spraining the ankle. Not much I could do about it but give it time, and was ordered to stay off my feet (which has been hard to do even for just a day when it's been so nice outside). Doctor did not hesitate to write me a note to excuse me from work. So, it looks like I may have time to do a little updating here. Let's just hope it rains this coming week. I cannot imagine staying at home to prop up my feet when it's nice outside.

It's rather frustrating. Was just about to put in the payment for a new bike and also recently bought a new pair of Nike Free's in hopes to motivate myself to pick up running again. So. frustrating. For now, I can barely walk. Oh well. It could have been worse.

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