Sunday, May 27, 2012

Meet Owen

At the beginning of my holidays before my stupid accident, I got to spend some time with the Ng's. Such a cute family. Owen is so darn cute. His perfectly round head. Perfect round eyes. And his super cute smile. He is always happy, despite trying to fight off either a cold or ear infection. (Can't remember. )Sister Lyla is just as cute. Kat and I took her out to Granville Island to play on the playground and blow some bubbles. Ahh, the life of a kid. She was super content whenever there was food. Can't get enough of these babies! 

Tina (their mommy) and Lyla in the car : 

Tina : What is didi's ("didi"= little brother in mandarin) name? 
Lyla : Owen! 
Tina : What is daddy's name? 
Lyla : Dada!
Tina : What is mommy's name?
Lyla : Tina! 
Tina : No, mommy's name is Mama! 
Lyla : Tina! 

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