Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Presents Once A Year

We were driving home from dinner with my friends a couple weeks ago, and I was fighting off yawns in the car. After a long day at work and spending great time with friends downing yummy sushi, I was getting a bit tired and sleepy. When we stopped at a stoplight, Ming reached to his backseat pulling out a few things and threw them onto my lap. 

"What is this??".

"You get presents. Only once a year." 

That was what he said last year when he gave me my birthday present. 

Ha ha. All our talks abour Linsanity... I got a Linsanity t-shirt. "Super Lintendo". Although the Linsanity phase is over with Lin going in for knee surgery, I think it'll still be fun to wear during the summer. That's one way to get a girl in the know about a sport. Get her something to wear. Nah, not saying that's why he got me the t-shirt. But I do realize that after hanging out with Ming, I know a bit more about basketball. Like who the black mamba is. Like how Beckham brings his sons to the game. Like Lebron and his receeding hairline. 

Ha ha. 

And the strawberries are those re-usable grocery bags. I think they're super cute. 

Presents once a year? I'll take it. 

Thank you! :)

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