Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Nepali Momo Night

And yet another segment of our Food Night. For this night's theme, Winnie had chosen Nepalese/ Tibetan food. After much researching on our mobiles for our own selection of recipes, we all came to an agreement of making momo's only. Momo's are essentially stuffed dumplings. And so it begins... our night of wrapping. And of course, eating.

Everyone was to bring their own version of stuffing, and we all wrapped dumplings together.

We all watched this YouTube video carefully, but soon realized that wrapping momos take skills. It's really a form of art that needs to be mastered over time. But here we go anyways...

First, you wet the wrapper with a bit of water...

... then, you laugh your head off exclaiming, "How the heck do you do this??".

Fred, with much concentration, ended up with some of the prettiest (and girliest) dumplings.

Dan decides to screw the "bun" look, and go for a half-moon shape.

Bran carefully loads hers with her vegetarian filling.

Speaking of fillings, here they are...

There was vegetarian. With carrots, mushrooms, tofu, and more.

There was yak meat. Dan specially ordered it from a butcher shop to make it extra authentic "Nepalese".

There was pork...


... a curry vegetarian ...

... and a curry chicken.

Everyone is so concentrated at the wrapping party.

Here are the lovely-wrapped momo's.

And a different wrapping method.

Dan closes his eyes to taste and savour the flavours.

Fred approves of everyone's delicious momo's.

Bran and Fred also made special dipping sauces. So yummy!

After all the savories, we still had a bunch of wrappers left. What to do? Why not fill them with a bit of marshmallow and chocolate. (Didn't realize until I saw this photo how mangled and man-handled that marshmallow was... This was Dan's special wrapping job.)

And with a sweet bite like that, of course you gotta deep fry them.

Sprinkle them with cinnamon and sugar and ta-da! Dessert momos!

On the same night, we took the opportunity to also celebrate Fred's birthday. Look how happy he is with his blueberry mousse cake.

I missed the moment of him blowing out his candles (because I was too busy capturing it on video). When I told him to re-enact it for me for a photo, this is what I got. 

Those are my friends for ya. Always a blast. 

Next? Swedish food! (And no, Ikea meatballs don't count).

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