Friday, April 12, 2013

Mickey Mouse Cake Pops

After coming home from vacation, I had a great surge of energy to make something. I've always wanted to try out cake pops for fun. They're cute and fun to eat, so why not try to make them? Kat's birthday seemed like the best reason to try them out. And since they were meant for Kat, naturally, they had to be Mickey Mouse cake pops ( for the Mickey Mouse finatic!). First, I baked a chocolate cake from scratch.

Then, with the help of a little bit of icing, I crumbled up the cake and rolled it into balls. They were pretty yummy at this point.

Then, with three nights of practice and whole lot of studying off YouTube videos, I finally learned to perfect dipping these cake balls into melted candy melt without any lumps and bumps. First, a layer of red for the Mickey Mouse pants. Then, a layer of brown that goes only half way.

A part of my messy working station.

Here are a few Mickey ears left to dry on skewers. This was done by dipping the candy melt chips after carving a piece off to form the shape of its ears.

Then, with the help of chopsticks, I tried to draw perfect yellow buttons with yellow candy melt. Using tweezers, I glued them onto the pants.

Ta da! Final product. This was after many, many failed attempts. (Who knew there are tricks and tips to gluing the stick into the cake and making sure you cover the ball completely with chocolate or the cake will slide off the stick?).

I made a few plain yellow cake pops just to match the button yellow.

I wrapped them with little plastic covers and silver twisty ties. (All supplies purchased from Michaels).

Cake pop experiment a success! 

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