Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Biggest Hill

My most favorite time spent this summer has gotta be when I'm on my bike. Going through the city using different routes other than the roads in a car brings different perspective to the city. And gosh, I live in such a gorgeous city. Especially in the summer time. The sea wall. The view. The breeze. The warmth from the sun on my skin. The rhythm. It puts me in my happy place. My mind becomes clearest. My energy restored.

I met up with my coworkers for lunch on a patio by False Creek, and ended up across the city in Kitsilano before I headed home. No stop-and-go traffic. No need to find parking. No car. I love it.

With all the hills that I was once afraid of tackling I have now come to learn that the biggest hill is inside my head. Living on a relatively more elevated part of the city, each bike ride ends with hills on the way home. People more familiar with bike routes would warn me on the toughest hills around the city, and I've now tackled a few. None of them are all that bad. It's the city after all. (Now, riding the Granfondo up to Whistler would be a different story!).

I like.

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