Monday, June 9, 2014

Busy Busy Bumblebee

You won't believe it. As I'm writing this post, I'm also trying to finish up a three-credit continuing ed. course on Oral Rehydration Therapy, that hopefully pulls in the gap of how many hours I still need to meet my requirements in order to renew my license to practice. At the same time, I'm also watching a rebroadcasting of an online course on Food Photography, which to me, is far more interesting than the topic of balancing electrolytes. I surprise myself how I'm able to read medical-related articles, while listening to the broadcast on photography, and simultaneously flip between two browser windows... 'cause gosh, I gotta see the images they're producing in that photography course too, right? Not to mention that I'm also on Facebook, and well... posting on this blog. That is how it is for me. Always procrastinating. Working on when there's distraction.

Gosh, I have so much I wanna update. Since the last post, I've thrown a baby shower, ran a 10k race, flew over to Toronto to attend L's wedding, made a whirlwind trip around NYC, threw a bridal shower, and went to an amazing City and Colour concert. When an out-of-town friend finally pointed out the lack of activity on this blog, I realized I neglected this a little. And I don't wanna. Considering it's a way for friends and family to stay connected and updated. Considering (when I have time) how I love to look back on it. Considering how much I love to write. So here goes... this bumblebee is going to keep on buzzin'! Hopefully adding "update blog" to my to-do list!

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