Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Back To The Past On The Courts

Icing my hand because of a finger sprain. The sprain itself feels oh-so-familiar. Accident prone. That's what I am. 

Back on the vball courts tonight. Since intramurals during my pharmacy school days. It gave me a high back then. Even though I wasn't very good. 

Same thing tonight. It felt pretty amazing to be back. I was wondering if I even remember the rules of the game, but once I was on the court, it all came back pretty quickly. 

I loved it. For an hour and a half, everything else escaped my mind. My new team mates were great. Supportive, nice and fun. The opposing teams were all pretty cool too. 

After a sprain and a skinned knee, I'm feeling pretty awesome still. ( next week, I'll remember to bring my knee pads and tape my fingers).

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