Sunday, September 14, 2014

Rah @ 2 Years And 4 Months

Seriously... really seriously... who can resist that face??!!

Gosh, I not-so-secretly love her to death. She has a lot of other kids her age, but amongst our close group of friends on her mom's side, she is so far the only toddler. So, when we all got together one night, she was the entertainment of the night.

Us crazing aunties were teaching her how to krump and getting her to say, "I'm baller!". We all have a dozen videos of her that night. And I've watched them over and over again several times. Is that crazy? I'm just so crazy in love with her cuz she's so adorable. She makes you laugh out loud. And who doesn't love a good laugh.

Auntie Kat took a polaroid of her. I asked her if I could see it. Rah replies in her cute little voice, "Nooooo... shake it!! MAGIC!!". It totally killed me (with cuteness). Yet she never hesitates to share her ice cream with me... sticking her spoon in my mouth when least expected.

She's grown so much since this post and this post!

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