Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Before Taking off

Gosh, how do I even write this post. I'm in full relaxation mode, and I don't know how to switch it off to think to write this. I spent the past four days in Las Vegas. The trip was booked a month ago.  To be completely honest, I was (super duper) looking forward to this trip. Even if it was only four days. Even if it's only Las Vegas (somewhere I've been to three times already). Even if the timing of it seemed so wrong.

Yet, in the end... it was so right.

Before telling you all about the trip, I should explain the last post. Life throws its curveballs at you and you take each one as a lesson learned. As I'm growing older and growing to learn that life is much grander than the safe haven that my parents have created for me within the walls of our home, I've gotten to see some of the bad and uglies of this world. As everyone does. It's what we do with it that's important.

I wanted to leave my trials and tribulations out of this blog, but there can't be ups without the downs, so... why not? Y'see, before this blog, there was another. Three years ago, my mother was diagnosed with Parkinson's. The last post to that blog talked about how I took the news. It wasn't good. And no matter how I wished I could be as strong as some people I know, I wasn't. It wasn't the Parkinson's, but my mother accepting Parkinson's. Through the past three years, I've struggled with being there for her and being me. So many things I've done and choices I've made revolved around it. There is so much I could say, but I will leave it at the fact that it hasn't been easy. This blog is about Christmases in a cup. And y'know what I've come to realize? The darkest and saddest moments in life... are the ones that open your eyes and heart to what's beautiful.

Last week, one of my closest friend's grandmother who was suffering with dementia went missing. The people in my world used their best efforts in search for her. We posted up "missing" posters. We prayed for her safe return. We hoped for the day she was reunited with her family. Fortunately, just days before I left,  we found her. Unfortunately, she  had already passed. Today, within an hour of getting off the plane, I changed into my black attire and attended her viewing. I was with the family. In grief. In happiness (in the celebration of life).

Life throws its curveballs at you and you take each one as a lesson learned. Even through grief, there is room for happiness. Even in the ugly, there is beauty. Even when all seems lost, there is still hope. The uglies... it is all a part of life. Everyone gets them. These are mine. This is to explain my last vague post. This is also to explain that although I post all of life's fine and dandy things, we all have struggles. In no way is this meant to be a downer.

In between life's curveballs and a funeral, there was a trip. The past five trips I've been on ( in the past three years), have all been for a reason of celebrating a special event in honour of a friend. I had a blast in all of them. The next trip I had in mind, I wanted to bring my parents somewhere. But before that, I wanted to slip in a getaway just for me.  Giving myself some real time off. And luckily, I found myself an easy-going travel buddy who seemingly wanted the same thing out of a trip. To take it easy and be content with doing a whole lot of nothing.

Enough of the serious talk. Even with a post so true and blue, it can end off on a happier note. Trust me, it will happen.

The destination was Las Vegas. You're thinking long walks, clubbing, partying, drinking, gambling, sleepless nights, and total gluttony. But we did Vegas our way. Which was none of that. Quite the opposite.

And it was perfect.

See, I told ya ...

Happier note : there is still perfection.

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