Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Coffee Bun

Dan and Bran told me about these coffee buns that were absolutely amazing in Asia. It's a chain you can find almost anywhere in Asia... and lucky for us, there are two locations near us also. However, Dan and Bran also says they're not quite the same here as they are in Asia. They visited the Coquitlam location a few weeks ago, and says they just weren't has soft and fluffy as the ones they had in Taiwan.

As we were sauntering around Lonsdale Quay killing time before a concert we were going to attend later on, Dan mentions that we were very close to the second location. Using the trusty google maps, we followed the moving dot on Dan's phone... and found, "The Coffee Bun".

Because of their mediocre review about the Coquitlam location, I was iffy about trying them. But Dan says, since we're here.. you might as well try one and say you have. So I walked in with not very high expectations. It comes in quite a few different filling flavours. I chose the red bean one, but other flavours include almond, cream cheese, chocolate, hazelnut, earl grey, custard, and oreo.

When the server handed me the paperbag holding the bun in it, I almost squashed it. Expecting a bun very much like the Chinese pineapple buns from the Chinese bakeries, I thought it would be just as dense. (see thumb hole in my bun in photo above and below).

I sunk my teeth into my first bite of the coffee bun, and .... Oh. My. Gosh.

It was heavenly. It was still warm and the texture was much more fluffy and soft than a regular pineapple bun. The coffee "crust" on top of the bread had a very apparent coffee flavour, but it wasn't too strong or too sweet. I thought the red bean filling was a perfect choice, but am curious what the other flavours would taste like pairing with the coffee topping. Dan and Bran shared one too and said it was much better than the one they had at the Coquitlam flavour, and this is pretty darn close to the one they had in Taiwan.

I could see why they would rave about it and want to try it here too. They really are so good. They advertise to bake new ones every 30 minutes, hence why you are guranteed to have a hot batch. I might just have to make a trip to Lonsdale Quay soon again to have another one of these delicious coffee buns!

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