Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Chinese Dessert - Summer

Soaking in every second of summer right now. It was a very, very busy May, June, and July... and finally, for the month of August, I'm spending some time just enjoying what's left of the summer. The last few months have been pretty amazing. Perhaps I'll backtrack and save some of it on this blog.

But for now, this is what summer has been like. A whole lot of eating. Now that Dad's retired, out of a little bit of food obsession and perhaps a little bit of boredom and a whole lot of free time, there has been a major amount of food in the house. Including desserts every other day. (which is a big change from usually none). My clothes are telling me to watch it...

But anyway, this is one of the best Chinese summer treats. (or you can really eat it all year round). It's an icy bowl... meaning the bottom is a pile of shaved ice. And on top of it, there is in this case, grass jelly, red bean, coconut jelly, taro, and a bit of vanilla ice cream. I don't know how you can judge the portions in this picture, but these "bowls" are really jello cups the size of my palm. So it really isn't that big. But a dessert every other day... oiy. My waistline might complain about that soon.

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