Friday, September 30, 2011

Catching Up On Wedding Week

Five days before Bran and Dan's wedding, we were at Richard and Amy's wedding.

(click on photos for larger images).

This is us at the beginning of the night. Albert, me (middle), and Shum (right - in case you confuse her with the guy on the left, hehe).

...While some of our other friends had already hit the bar.

For me, I'm a wine or beer kinda gal. Over fruity cocktails and highballs any day. And have pretty much retired shots. For my friends, they run over a wide spectrum. From some who don't drink at all, to those who believes the measure of your tolerance level is based on whether you've hit the floor. As long as you're not on the floor, you're still tolerating.

We don't judge. Party animal, party pooper - we have fun all the same.

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