Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bella Notte

It's 3:26pm and I'm writing about "Bella Notte" (meaning : beautiful night).

I finally got around to finishing the second season of Glee yesterday, and this song was part of the finale. I don't particularly like the show anymore, (the plot has gone haywire and I don't care for the characters anymore), but the show is still a good source for song exposure. I may or may not have heard this song before... but I instinctly fell in love with it.

Yah yah, I've been diving a lot into the topic of romance and falling in love, and it has nothing to do with any events of my life at all - I swear. This song would make for a beautiful serenade in the background of a wedding proposal - I think so anyway. I am full of cheese like that. So cheesy that I can feel cheese oozing out of my ears.

Perhaps, it's all the weddings that are coming up. Or wedding talks all around me. But mostly, I think it has something to do with this staycation. This is exactly what I wanted for my two weeks off. To give myself time to celebrate life. Reminding myself of all things beautiful around me. Of what matters. To me.

Spending time with Friends. Family. Myself. Creating memories. (And yes, as much as weddings have lost the fan in me through seeing the planning process of other people's wedding, weddings are still good and happy times that I enjoy not for any other purpose than to be in the same room with people I love and sharing their happiness). This blog has only been about a very tiny snippet of my life. But as it is for everyone, I've had my share of big ups and downs. It's all about balance and perspective. I don't frown (as much) over the disappointments in life anymore, because without them, there won't be the contrast to intensify the happy's.

Love fills my heart.

Mostly in the last few days, it has been vastly due to this blog that I've found to add to my list. Check out It is one of the most beautiful and inspiring (and well-written) blogs that I've read.

On a different note, you may be happy to know that posts are going to be more frequent and photos are coming back. :)

But bye for now. I'm going to whip up a batch of cheesecake!

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