Monday, August 29, 2011

Quiet Time

It's been a pretty swell holidays so far. I haven't mentioned it here, but I am currently a bit more than half way through my 2.5 weeks holidays. Originally, the plan was to take some time off to recuperate from Bran's stagette and to spend some time with the 'rents while they're on holidays.

I wrote out a mini to-do list of errands that should be done while I'm off, and surprisingly, I have been slowly checking things off. But mainly, I've been giving myself nothing but time. Lots of time. No rushes. No deadlines. No timelines. No plans. Kinda reminds me of those good ol' school days when summer vacations were meant for sleeping in and bumming.

Today, I had a late lunch at Rocky Mountain Flatbread with Jen. We laughed at all of Jen's City Chase stories while watching Barney eat leaves off the ground. Meanwhile, enjoyed some pretty darn good flatbread. Would definitely go back there. Found on a quiet street decorated with quaint, little shops, the relatively roomy restaurant seems to be a choice even for the famous. We sat on their patio and watched Manny Maholtra, his wife and kid walk out... totally oblivious to who they were. Jen stared at Manny thinking, hmm... that eye injury looks familiar...but didn't really think twice.

Hey, it's our lazy day off. Probably theirs too.

It wasn't until our waitress pointed out that we got a bit of Canucks spotting that we realized who we were staring at...

After lunch, we drove to Pacific Spirits by UBC and took Barney through the trails. For the first half, he was scared. Walking strictly between Jen and I. Not a step ahead or behind. Once he was comfortable, he sniffed at every leaf, twig, and slug and darted ahead. A horse and its rider came trotting down the path. Barney froze and hid behind Jen. He's never seen a horse before...


He barked at the horse as it walked by. But only once.

Once the horse passed us and left, Barney barked some more. Arf! Arf ARF ARF ARF ARF!

Okay. Time to go...

It was a nice, peaceful walk. We do really live in a beauuutiful city with such a gorgeous park just minutes away.

We stopped in Kerrisdale for a coffee from Cafe Artigiano and a snack from Faubourg. We watched Barney while Barney people watched. Jen gave up on pulling leaves out of Barney's mouth and plopped him on a chair. He even got a taste of Jen's blueberry tart. Sigh... it's hard not giving in to that cute bugger.

Two weeks of holidays to do much of nothing seems like a long time. But getting a lazy day like today in between many other lazy days... really isn't a "waste" at all.

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