Saturday, August 27, 2011

Soakin' In Summer Days

It's been a little tough trying to update this blog. It's been so sunny and warm outside, all I want to do is be outside soaking it all in. Plus, I think I was more interested in sharing photos rather than words... but without my laptop and Lightroom, I haven't been able to do that.

Karen's birthday dinner was tonight. A small group of seven went for dinner at Pied-A-Terre, a french restaurant on Cambie St. I think I've mentioned it before in a March post. I love the coziness of the small restaurant. The food was delicious (for me anyway - I had the game hen with pureed white beans. Others had the halibut and found it too dry). The company was even better.

We popped open a bottle of champagne to toast the birthday girl. We shared a couple of desserts. Then we made our way down to Joeys on Broadway, and met up with about 15-20 other people for drinks.

To me, this is part of what makes up a good life. Not how many trips I've been to or how many places I've seen, not even how many achievements or rewards I can count, but celebrating a special occasion with the people who matter. As simple as a night out may be, this is what I feel makes my life rich.

Happy Birthday ( I know, not quite yet), "Bew Jei" Karen!!

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