Sunday, August 28, 2011

Only Me

I prepared the Gie Dan Jie (Chinese Egg Waffle) batter last night and left it in the fridge for me to make today. After another order of Cattle Cafe's Gie Dan Jie yesterday night, I was really tempted to make my own... even tho I knew it wouldn't be half as good. But fun holiday project!

Only, while I was getting my morning dose of facebook and random surfing time, my dad decided to take it upon himself to make Gie Dan Jie with my batter. Sigh..................... there goes my project. He said the waffle mould was too hot for me to touch. Meh.

He used the entire amount of batter made last night as his "trial run". And soon, he was out of batter. But now that he's gotten the hang of it, and the mould is nice and greasy, this would be the best time to actually make them. So, while my mom was cooking lunch in the kitchen, I was whirling around her trying to whip up another batch of batter before the mould cool down. (We were using a portable stove in the backyard to make the Gie Dan Jie's).

After some crazy chaotic father-daughter teaming, we did end up with some pretty okay lookin' Gie Dan Jie's. Better than what I had expected.

The flavour was okay. The recipe could be tweaked. It was perfectly crispy when it was first done. They were perfectly round and doughy. The only thing was, some were chewy... and some were cakey. Maybe instead of using a wooden spoon to mix (as instructed in the recipe), I used a hand-mixer, which probably created too many air bubbles. Hence the cakey consistency versus chewy.

Anyway, I was still rather proud of the turn-out, so I put some in a wax paper cone that I made, and whisked it off to Ming. Oh. Get this...

... as I was handing it to him, the wax paper cone fell apart, and all the Gie Dan Jie's fell to the floor. Maybe it was a blessing for Ming to not have to be my guinea pig. Hahahaha. But the moment was slightly embarrassing but mighty hilarious.

"Only you," he says.

Yes, only me.

It reminds me of that one time Rachel and I made a chocolate cream pie for Jen's birthday. We spent all afternoon whipping up a storm in the kitchen. We were so proud of our masterpiece. We gave it plenty of time to set. When we put it into a box for transport, it looked absolutely perfect. Little did we know... it hadn't set. When the time came to open the box to admire it one last time before we gave it to Jen, we peeked inside and saw one HUGE chocolatey mess. We laughed sooooo hard. We had to chuck it before it even got to Jen. But imagine her reaction if she had seen it!

Ahhh, really. I'm a walking disaster when it comes to foodie gifts. I should just keep my kitchen creations to myself!

Ha ha.

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