Sunday, August 7, 2011

Too Much Sugar

Started off the day late after sleeping in, and woke up just in time for lunch. Went over to Trout Lake and met up with Jen and Anth for some subs from a food cart called Roaming Dragons. It was just okay. What might have even made it sub-okay was the wait. We sat on the grass chowing down on our lunch and basked in the sun while watching Barney amuse himself by finding random things in the lawn.

There was a band playing live music that was being towed around by a truck. I thought the moving live band idea was pretty cool. But Barney didn't like it. Once the band started playing, he barked. And barked. And barked. He was so mad at the band. Haha. Everyone around us thought it was funny. 'Cept for Jen, of course.

We strolled around the Farmer's Market and picked up some fresh fruits and veggies, and walked around the grassy area amongst boys playing some football and families picnicking.

My kinda way to spend a beauutiful early afternoon.

The sun finally peeked out and it was getting hot. Perhap time for some shaved ice! I dropped off my goodies, and went with Ming to The One for some shaved ice. I had a feeling Ming would want his own bowl of shaved ice but I really shouldn't have suggested it. We ended up with two enormous bowls of shaved ice. It was essentially all water... but still. One was a fruity combination, the other with the beans and taro. Beans and taro are still my favorite. Got my sugar fix for the day.

I got rid of Ming (heheheh), and lazily browsed through Oakridge. I went in there with the mission to find some necessities (... and necessities are no fun to shop for), but ended up walking out with bagfuls of birthday presents. Still pretty productive.

Swung by Karen's to pick her up and met up with Wendy for dinner at Zakkushi. Good thing it was tapas (small dishes) since I wasn't very hungry. Bad thing that dinner was with Karen which always means over-ordering. Funny thing was, Wendy did the over-ordering this time. I was stuffed. But there always seems to be room for dessert. Deep fried mochi with vanilla ice cream - yum! More sugar...

The night was still early so we walked up the block to Scoop and got some green tea frozen yogurt. Green tea flavour was strong (which I liked!) but the yogurt was much too sweet. Ugh, more sugar... but spendin' some time with the girls was good. As usual.

Wendy had to go to bed at 9pm for an early morning shift tomorrow (lame!), so we dropped her off before we headed over the Earls on Fir. I already had some awesome patio time last night at The Mills, and now more of it tonight. Summer nights are the best. Tonight was a bit chilly so the heaters were on. Karen sipped on a glass of merlot while I cozied up with my camomile tea.

If I ever doubt that life is good, I could look back on this post.

It was one sweet, sweet day.

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