Thursday, August 4, 2011

Because I Believe Getting It Out Of Your System Is Good For You

I was exhausted by the end of my shift. It wasn't so much busy in volume, but busy in solving problems. Or, busy in emotions.

I don't really know why I let a doctor's receptionist urk me today. Y'know, I just want to get my job done. I don't need a whole run-around with the receptionist to try to talk to the doctor. It had something to do with a matter dealt over the stat holiday that lead to a judgement call. When doctors are not available, we have to make that call. We do it all the time. When the doctor is available again, we of course report what happened to the doctor. I really don't need a receptionist telling me it was wrong. This really wasn't her call. When asking her several times if I could just speak with the doctor, she chose to ignore my question and instead, told what she believes is the right thing to do with a methadone dose. Oh, please. I had only explained the situation to her to let her know why I needed to speak to the doctor. Not to ask her for her two cents.

"You always have to check with the doctor before you do something like this, but ANYWAY...".

"I've already explained that it was a stat holiday. You were closed. How do you propose I talk to the doctor that day?."

"But you should still check with the doctor, but ANYWAY...".

(She kept emphasizing her "anyway"...)

"I just want to talk to the doctor please."

"This was your judgement call so it's really your own problem."

"He is your patient. Can I please just talk to the doctor?".

(Calling the doctor to discuss a patient's therapy is something we do everyday. So a call like this is not something the receptionist isn't used to, but yet she's making it difficult).

She eventually ended our arguement with, "Well, you cannot talk to the doctor. We are very busy here."

And what does she think I am?  So bored that I'm calling the doctor 'cause I wanted to gab with him about the finale of The Bachelorette?

"You will have to clearly document what you just told me and fax it in and I'll have the doctor look at it."

That wasn't her last words. She continued to go on in her snide tone about how since what was done was a judgement call, that it was really just my business and not her or the doctor's problem.

I talked right over her and said, "I will fax it. Thank you." Click.

This makes it my first time in hanging up on someone.

I wrote my long wordy letter to the doctor. I tried to leave it as business only, but you can probably sense the anger between my words.

There. Out of my system.

Carrying on.

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