Monday, August 1, 2011

Finally Summer

Summer seems to be finally here. The warm, sunny days have been a little more consistent. I've got so much done and so much more I want to do... got to check out the Powell St. Festival yesterday! ... but before that, here was last weekend :

Written July 24, 2011

Shum recommended we try out Muira Waffles + Milk Bar. It's near Granville St. and Davie St.
We chose the Bulgogi and the Hoisin Waffles. Now, their concept is to turn waffles into a sandwich... which surprisingly is such a yummy combo. The waffles gives it a slightly crispy outside and the waffle itself is soft. The Bulgogi is a Korean flavoured sandwich with a bit of kimchi, beef, and egg. The Hoisin one is very much like a Vietnamese Banh Mi. Both of them were soooo yum! Shum preferred the Hoisin 'cause she loves Banh Mi's, and although I also love Banh Mi's, I think I'd have to choose the Bulgogi.

There is nothing really fancy about this place. Very small. With a few tables. You order at the counter first and then they bring it to you. We chose to sit outside on their mini patio. And their waffle sandwiches come out in plastic baskets. Like the burgers at Red Robins.

It's a waffle and milk bar, so of course we had to try their milk drinks too. Essentially fruit blended with milk. Very light (not like a milkshake or smoothie) but very flavourful. I got the yogurty blueberry and Shum got the mango. Both delicious. They also had specialty drinks such as wasabi+vanilla ice cream+ chocolate sauce. Or vanilla ice cream+ teriyaki sauce. Too adventurous for me but Shum vowed she'd try it next time.

With Shum's recent obsession of Korean drama and all things Korean, of course we tried the Korean version of the waffles. And it would only make sense if the next place we hit up was... H-Mart. I've never been. I don't know why it's taken me so long to set foot into H-Mart. For some reason, I always imagined it to be somewhat like a Daiso. Never knew it was a supermarket.

And well... you know me and my supermarkets...

I was on cloud nine.

So. many. different. cool. items. to. try............

We took a rolley basket and we went to town with it. Spent the next hour going down every single aisle and combed through every item. We read through everything (or not read through everything - since a lot of it was in Korean) and we made $60 worth of damage. So exciting! Haha.

Shum : "Can you believe it? If someone asked you what you did on a sunny afternoon on your day off, you tell them you went grocery shopping with Shum??".

I can totally believe it.

We each slurped down a kiwi popsicle while we watched some street performers break dance. It was so warm out that my popsicle was melting down my hands before I could finish it. We would have stayed... if we weren't towing four boxes of Melonas in our bags. ($3/box means stocking up!). I refused to go home on such a sunny day. So, we went back to Shum's and stuffed our frozen/fridge goods into her freezer/fridge, and ended up near David Lam Park with a couple of beach towels.

We picked a nice spot and chillaxed on the grass watching people and doggies go by. I laid down and used Shum's hat to shield my face... and almost drifted off to sleep. Half an hour later, I peeled myself off the lawn. Gotta go! Running late for movie with Ming!

Thanks Shumbum for the company!

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