Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happiest Place On Earth

We had told Bran to pack for Vegas. (The place she said she didn't want to go to for her stagette). It wasn't until we all arrived at the airport and whipped out a pair of bridal disney ears that we let her know... we're actually going to Disneyland!

Sure, the first thought to some may be - Disney? For a stagette?

But if you google it, it's been done many times. There are different ways you can incorporate stagette-y ideas into any destination. We had her wearing the Mickey ears with the veil. We all each bought a pair of Minnie or Mickey ears for ourselves. Everyone also had sashes to wear. The bride wearing, of course, "Bride-To-Be", while the other eight of us all wore a name of the seven dwarves. We made up a name for the eighth dwarf, but let's just leave it to your imagination what it was.

I've been to Disneyland twice before. Once, when I was about 10. Second time was when I was around 20. And now, 29 years old... a third time. There is indeed something very, very magical about Disneyland. You really cannot help but be... happy.

We went on most of the major rides. We held each other's arms while waiting for the scary ones. We watched each other's eyes light up with excitement at some of the shows. We laughed so, so hard seeing each other get drenched on that Grizzly tube ride. We were converted back to our yester-years, and all of a sudden, we were all like kids again.

I can only speak for myself and I must say, I had a time of my life. I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard. I can't remember the last time I was able to hang out with all the girls like that and have a magical time away from reality. Our little girl's dreams of princes and fairytales all came back so clearly, and what more fun is there than to share that silly, fuzzy feeling with your girlfriends?

We were embarrassing at times. Singing loudly to "It's A Small World" and spinning around like dolls while waiting in the lineup for the ride. We chased after Disney characters during Breakfast with Minnie and Friends (not even the kids were doing that) and were told to go back to our seats. We had frozen bananas, churros and dole whip many times... just because well, there's no parents to stop us and we can pay for whatever we want. We made Bran stand up in the middle of a busy restaurant and shout "Guess what everyone? I'm getting married!". We had her go out on stage and do a dance with the performers. It was seriously a ridiculous amount of fun.

And on the last day of our trip, while watching the fireworks shoot across the sky over the princesses' castle, I had a perma-smile on my face. It must have been a combination of the colours, the "dreams will come true's", the "happily ever afters", and the pixie dust. I was in a state of happiness and serenity. Looking around, my heart melted.

It may very well be the little girl in me re-lighting the beliefs of fairytales...

... or my re-realization that I truly have the best girlfriends in the world. I am so lucky to have these amazing memories with them.

Congratulations, Brandee!

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