Sunday, August 14, 2011

Morning Surprise

To add to the milk post, there's another plus to Ming living close by.

I had to work a night shift on a beautiful, sunny summer day today. But before I went to work, I got a surprise visitor in the morning.

Got a text message : "Are you awake?".


"Someone's coming over to visit you in 5 minutes."

"No! I'm still in my PJs."

"Too late. Here!"

I opened the front door... and guess who I saw?

Coco!  (Read about Coco here and here).

I sat down right next to her on my front doorsteps and let her slobber all over me, but pushed her away when she tried to lick my face. She walked behind me and tried to lick the other side of my face. Gross, Coco. She sat so close to me, she was touching. But just as I was saying that I think she liked me more, she got up and walked over to Ming.

There's no denying that she's a big dog. I realize that with her sitting up right next to me, she's just as tall as me.

Gahhh. It was such a nice day. I wish I could have joined them on their walk but no... I had to go to work.

She didn't stay long. I guess sitting on the doorsteps wasn't exciting enough compared to everything else she could sniff through on the block. So she got up and sauntered off.

A nice surprise to my morning. :)

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