Friday, July 29, 2011

Coco Growing Up

Remember Coco?

Wow, looking back at these photos. She was definitely a lot smaller. Ming think she's grown a third bigger. I think she might have easily doubled. She is a bulldog afterall.

When I first came in the door, she was excited and jumpy for all of two minutes. The moment I sat down on the couch, she started to whimper.

And she whimpered.

And whimpered.

Was she missing her owner? Or was Ming abusing her before I got there? Or was she hungry and tired?

I tried taking her for a walk. When she charged at a little old Chinese lady on the street, I thought she was going to pull me to the ground. I think if she really tried, she could have. She didn't mean to scare her... she just wanted to play.

When we got back and I sat down on the couch again, she started to whimper again. Breaks your heart when she whimpers... why was she so unhappy?

She jumped on the couch, slowly waddled over and squeezed herself behind me. Then, she used her bum and nudged me off the couch. She's not a small dog. I had no choice but to get off and sit on the floor next to her.

She curled up into a ball and hugged her own leg, and was snoring within seconds. Ahh... now she's peaceful and happy.

She was whimpering all that time because I was sitting on her spot!

But she surely showed me who's boss.

(It's unfortunate that I can't post any of the photos. Must. Get. New. Laptop. Soon.)

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