Monday, July 11, 2011

My Kind Of Day

It's been a while since dinner and movie night so that was the plan. Ming has been craving shaved ice lately and I claimed I knew a place that's better than his usual, so we added that to the afternoon before the movie. Then, the night before, Ming goes, "So what's for lunch?." Somehow, dinner and movie turned into a whole day event.

Once I got to Ming's place, I went inside the house to put away some popsicles into the freezer, while he went outside to my car to help buff off some scratches. The cool thing is, I didn't asked him to fix the scratches. Likewise, he never asked for  popsicles.

We drove out to Parker Place.

This shaved ice stand has been around for a looooong time. I remember coming here for shaved ice back in highschool. Karen and I still think it's one of the best. It used to be cheaper but hey, that goes for a lot of things.

You get to choose 8 items between beans, jellies, fruit, and other assortments of sweet goods. I let Ming choose... so there was taro, red bean, glutinous balls ("tong yuens"), pearls, coconut jellies, lemon jelly, green jelly, and grass jelly. And then there was condense milk to top. Can you guess that he likes jellies??

In the end, he still claims his usual shaved ice spot (Zephyr) is better.

Everytime I go to rave about something to Ming and we go to try it, it's never as good as I remember it! They didn't put enough condense milk this time or else I still think it would make a good contender. Perhaps, cut down on the number of jellies. Hehe. It looks good though, doesn't it?

After strolling through the chinese malls, we ended up with pork jerky, tofu pudding, dried plums, and dried cuttlefish/octopus(whichever it was). Bagfuls of junkfood. Seems to be the trend whenever we're out.

When we got back to his place, I cracked open a can of Canada Dry and plopped myself on the couch, while Ming was in the kitchen putting away all the goodies.

"It's a good day... my kind of day," I can hear him say from the kitchen.  (He was referring to all his junk food. )

It was a nice and warm afternoon outside but cool, dark, and quiet inside. Left the lights off but the sun was peaking through the half-closed blinds. The door was open and Afina ( Ming's dog) ran in. She sat on top of my feet with her tail wagging waiting for a tummy rub or to be pet. She then followed Ming into the kitchen hoping for food.  Ming went on to fiddling on his computer while I continued to play with Afina. These moments of tranquility are my favorite. I realized... it was also my kind of day.

We started a game of Gomoku on the ipad. I was at a great start winning two quick games but then Ming got smart.  I lost the next few games in a row. Lost count after the seventh game... The only sounds I could hear was the birds chirping outside, a lawnmower running next door, and Ming's chuckling everytime he beat me.  I wasn't any better in Connect Four either.

I don't know where the afternoon went. It was soon three hours later. Dinner and movie time. I went out to pick up some takeout from Penang Delight on Rupert St., not realizing that Ming's mommy had cooked a lot of food. So along with some beef rendang and roti (which we didn't even touch), we also had some spicy chicken wings and tofu and veggies. The chicken wing sauce was nothing I've tasted before. Apparently, it's a recipe from Brunei. Very yummy. And for the record, I prefer the beef rendang from Penang Delight over Bo Laksa.

"Notice that I put the veggies on your side?", he said.

There was also a huge bowl of chinese soup with longans and goji berries. My family makes the same soup too. Mmmm... thanks to Ming's mommy for a really delicious homecooked meal! I was so full.

First movie : Limitless. (my pick)

The movie is about the main character who takes a drug that allows him to access 100% of his brain, and changes from some lowly writer to a big shot. The concept was interesting but the movie was somewhat poorly executed. Bradley Cooper played his role well but plot was anti-climatic. Aside from the ending, the movie would be no different if the main character was addicted to crack. The withdrawal effect... the desperation when it runs out... people willing to kill to get more... not really new. They could have played up the effects of this special drug a little more. Anyway, still entertaining.

Second movie : Sucker Punch. (Ming's pick)

Totally a guy's movie. Video-game-like fight scenes. Pretty girls in scanty clothes. Ming said, "At least there was some action with the fight scenes."  I actually fell asleep during all the fight scenes. The interesting part was the story. Where were they and how are they going to get out? Another so-so movie.

And that wraps up another dinner and movie night. kind of day.

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