Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Should Have Listened

There was a sale a week ago for a Lenovo laptop with supposedly very decent specs.

Bro : So are you going to get it?
Me : Should I?
Bro : The deal ends tomorrow night. If you're going to get it, you should get it soon.
Me : Should I?
Bro : It's a pretty decent sale.
Me : So I should? (knowing that he never likes making the decision to what I buy, he wasn't going to give me a definite answer)
Me : But my computer isn't dead dead. It's still running.
Bro : That's how it is with computers. You either buy it now and upgrade, or you wait until your computer dies, and you're forced to buy one at a less decent price at that time
Me : So should I?

(I think I should have taken all those hints that my brother was trying to tell me to buy).

My wishy washy-ness or my disbelief that my computer would die this soon made me hold off on the sale. Days later, my computer is now dead dead.

Me : Ugh, I should have bought that computer when there was a sale!
Bro : Stop dwelling in the past. Move along now...

Clearly, talking to me can be quite frustrating, I see.

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