Saturday, July 2, 2011

Jazz Fest and Battleship

We asked for summer and that's what we got. I, however, was a non-believer that the forecast would be correct. Wore jeans, t-shirt, cardigan, and flats. Wished I wasn't so overdressed. Should have worn shorts and flipflops and tossed the cardigan. Oh, in hindsight.

Went to Glowbal for lunch. The service was excellent. The restaurant was comfortable. And the food was yummy. I would recommend it.

Restaurant decor.
Before our food came, they gave us some freebies while we waited. We like freebies! We got some mini donuts with cinnamon and powdered sugar and a shot of blueberry smoothie.

Donuts! Junk food... right up Ming's alley. It came in a dum sum steamer.

Ming ordered a steak sandwich and I ordered an ahi tuna nicoise salad.

Nicely done medium rare.

Nicely seared ahi tuna.

Their ketchup came in a tiny single serving bottle. Ok, not that interesting... but cute.
After lunch, we walked out to the Roundhouse and David Lam Park to check out the Jazz Fest. I've checked out the Jazz Fest many years in a row and it seems like it's getting more and more crowded. There are more stands of random knickknacks. There's a "parking lot" just for bikes.  And the crowd infront of the stage was jam-packed. Everyone was out enjoying a beautiful day.

Can you even see the big stage?

We took a stroll along the sea wall. It was much inviting for me... I needed that breeze. It was getting too hot with the sun baking down.

We stopped at a quieter area and sought refuge in the shade under a tree. Just as I was wishing I was more prepared and had something to sit on, Ming whipped out that something out of his backpack. Ahh, so prepared! I'm impressed.

I looked up looking for a starburst through the tree while Ming strategically placed his battleships on his ipad. We played a game of battleship. Why are classic childhood games still so fun?  So guess who won? Hehe. Quite the techy battleship with all its animations.


We continued on the sea wall, then down Denman St., up Coal Harbour, and ended up at Waterfront. All the while, I must have said "I'm hot" about ten times. Whine whine whine.

Should have worn shorts and flipflops and tossed the cardigan. Oh, in hindsight.

But... it was a lovely day.

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