Thursday, July 21, 2011


As long as your fridge is stocked with things you like to eat - and I'm talking about produce and real food here - then there's always room for improvising. The only reason I would still cook after a long day at work after a night shift is simply because I love to cook. It's even more fun for me when I don't know what what I'm making and I decide on the spot with whatever is in the fridge. And even better, I have a brother who will eat anything I make and is totally honest about whether he likes it or not, which makes him the perfect critic and judge of all my experiments.

So, tomorrow for lunch, we're having quinoa cooked in chicken broth (not very exciting) topped with sauteed mushrooms and stir-fry broccoli and other miscellaneous veggies with a mildly spicy XO sauce. Even I thought it smelled good if I can say so myself. (My dad's love for sauces and condiments gives me a great array of flavours to play with).

My brother followed his nose and came into the kitchen. He agrees. "That does smell and taste good."

Of course, my response to that was, "I'm sooo writing what you just said on my blog!".

It's 11:40pm and the house smells. Don't like it when the house smells like food. I can't even sleep well smelling food. That will be the next lesson to learn. How to quickly get rid of food smell.

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