Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is my mom's birthday. She is now 58 years young!

It was just the other day when I found a card I had made for her birthday many years ago. I drew (or traced) hello kitty and coloured her in. It was such a kiddy card but really done to perfection. I asked her by looking at the card if she could tell which birthday it was. She guessed it when she turned 43, which makes it a card I drew when I was 14. A fair guess. But, the truth is... when we read the inside of the card, I had written, "Happy 39th Birthday!!"... which meant I was only 10.

I told her, "Wow... I'm only about 9 years away from my 39th birthday!".

She (of course) replied with, "So when you turn 39, will you have a daughter drawing you a card?".


The day started off with my mom teaching my dad some exercise moves that she learned from a nearby community centre.

It lasted all of maybe ten minutes before my dad proclaimed that it was good and he was done.

Instead, we spent the next half an hour or so trying to shake my brother out of his bed. By the time he reluctantly got up, it was already noon. We chose to go for dim sum for lunch.

This dish was actually fish paste rolled up in rice noodle. My brother and I both disapproved that they made it look so much like a "ja leung" (a chinese donut wrapped up in rice noodle the same way). So when you're eating it, you're looking at it expecting to taste a "ja leung" but instead of a donut, you're getting fish. How deceiving.

This is my grandmother. She is 87 years young. She is also one of my most favoritest people in the world. She is always so chill and so easy going. She's always supported me in my sometimes stubborn and rambunctious ways even when my parents obviously didn't. Mind you, as stubborn and rambunctious as I could have been, I've also made her congee when she was sick, driven her out to get her haircuts and to the temple, and picked up anything she needed. I love her.

By night, my brother took us out for dinner at The Keg.  I've mentioned it before... The Keg is reserved for special occasions in my family. And so this would be one of them.

My dad ordered the surf and turf for my mom, even though it's too much food. As always, he only wants the best for her. In this case, he thinks the lobster and steak combo is the best thing on the menu. (Spoiled).

I ordered a naturally grilled sirloin with mash potatoes. Mmm mmm... in comparison though, my brother's New York striploin was much more tender and beefier. 

Happy Birthday, Mom!


  1. happy birthday to your mom! haha i have been having so much anxiety thinking of how old i am getting...i am so heading into a quarter life crisis

  2. But you're so YOUNG! (And don't say you're not 'cause I'll always be older). Getting older is a privilege. Not everyone gets to...

    Besides, it's not about how much time we have but what you're doing with that time. And you're really only as old as you feel and think :)