Monday, July 18, 2011

White Rock

Spent a lovely afternoon with the girls in White Rock. It was sort of spitting rain now and then but nothing enough to dampen our moods. Every time I go to White Rock, which isn't very often, I always want a big ice cream cone while I stroll along the water. But every time I'm there, I would have just eaten or haven't eaten (and need real food)... so I have yet to get my want.  I was determined to get it this time. Regardless of the mismatching weather.

But first, we had to put something into Allie's stomach before she fainted. We picked a random restaurant and sat out on their covered and heated patio. For a cloudy day, most of us were craving the authentic chai on their menu. Allie opted out because she knows she can make better ones at home. Some of us were a bit skeptical if they'd make it right. Allie looked at the staff, "They're Indian... it should be okay."

But of course, when we ordered it... they apologized that it's not available because none of the staff on duty knew how to make one. It was a bit ironic because Allie (being the least (or most?) Indian out of them all - she's Chinese but married an Indian) could have easily whipped one up for us if she got her hands on the ingredients. Anyway, in the end, we got our chai. They realized one of the staff did know how to make one after all...

While we sipped on our tea and nibbled on appies, we shared ghost stories. Don't ask me why we did. Can't remember the last time I had a ghost-story-telling session. I'm not a big fan. But... we did.

We took a long stroll up and down the strip, and then on the dock. We stopped there for a while watching others fish. Using shrimp as bait, we watched them fill up buckets of fish.  The people crabbing weren't so lucky.

We spotted a chic, modern corner-lot house from afar that we all agreed was pretty darn good looking. As we approached it, Jess noticed it had a "for sale" sign. We all joked that we should totally pitch in and score ourselves a summer vacation house. Jess whipped out her trusty iphone, and we played a game of The Price Is Right. How much do you think the house is? Allie guessed two million. Maria guessed 1.8. I went third and guessed 2.2 million. Jess had the last bet of 2.25 million.

The actual price of the house is...

3.38 million.

Sure, why not, just a million dollars from the each of us.

A few houses down was what we think was a B&B. Everything was adorn with white decorations. Very sterile. But with pink accents. Even the white fountain in the front yard was spewing pink water.

Oh! How could I forget? Before house-gawking, we went for some homemade ice cream in a fresh waffle cone. Maria dared Jess to try the "Wild Thing" on the menu. That's what it was called. The Wild Thing. Turns out, it was vanilla ice cream with blueberries and blackberries. Not all that wild after all. I went for the Black Forest. I normally prefer and crave something other than chocolate, but today, I wanted the cherries. And even though it rained while we stood undercovers devouring our ice cream cones, it was still mmm mmm good.

( To top off the day, Allie and I went to Sushiholic for dinner. JUST as good as I remember it.... mmmmm. Had the awesome roll, red roll, and sashimi salad. SO yum. And ended the night off meeting back up with Maria and Jess... and also Jen and Anthony... to watch Horrible Bosses. Which was one horrible movie. I take it's suppose to be stupid funny, but it was borderline just stupid).

Will upload photos when I have a proper computer.

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