Friday, July 29, 2011

Hello, Dad

I'm on my parents' computer every night now, which leaves me confined to the study room. Sucks. Dad came into the room while I was typing away at an email and msn'ing with friends at the same time.

Dad : "Hello!".

Me : "Hello."

Dad : "HELLO!".

Me : "Hello?".

Dad : "I'm just copying you whenever you walk in the room, 'Hello!'."

Me : "What would you rather me say?".

Dad : "Hello, low doa !". ( low doa = "dad" in Chinese, in a casual way)

Me : "I never call you low doa...".

I could hear him say as he leaves the room and his voice trailing as he goes down the stairs, "Hello, DAD! ... Hello, DADDY! ... Hello, Ah-ba !" (also means "dad" in Chinese) ... Hellooo...".

Okay, dad. Whatever you say. I'm getting greeting lessons at the age of 29. Although, it's just him thinking he's being funny for mocking me more than anything.

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