Monday, July 18, 2011

Out Of Commission

My laptop is now out of commission. It was already on the brink of its last days for some time now.  I did see it coming. Now, I'm on a (not so active) hunt for a replacement. When it was on its last breath, blinking odd colours and then moments later, nothing at all... I thought I was going to suffocate myself. What am I going to do without you??

But, I guess it's not so bad.

I thought I'd take the opportunity to try not to glue myself to a computer all the time. I picked up the next book to read. Flipped through magazines. And watched three movies since its death two days ago. I suppose I'm surviving. Coping.

That six year old clunker served me well though. I swear there was hardly a day I didn't use it. Helping me kill time on those ferry rides back and forth from Victoria. Keeping me company at coffee shops. And practically my BFF that spent the most time with me all the nights at home.


Shopping anyone?

( I still have easy access to the internet. There are still another five running computers in the house. Just that none of them are mine. )

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