Friday, July 29, 2011

Sisterly Love

I was having afternoon tea with my mom and Aunt Irene, my Yee Ma ( "yee ma" = mom's older sister in Chinese). Along with Aunt Mei Mei and my cousin, Lisa.

Yee Ma says to my mom, "Amie really does have all the good features between you and [your husband]."

My mom : "That's what everyone says."

Yee Ma : "That's why she has none of your features."

My mom : "None?? Not even her flat nose?".

Yee Ma : "Nope, I think she has [your husband]'s nose. It's a good thing, a compliment, that she looks nothing like you."

My poor mom. I've said the same thing to her growing up. Most people (but not all) have said I have more of my dad's features than my mom's. I would say to her, "Yah, if I looked anything like you, I would look like this," and proceed to use both my hands to squish and distort my face. Jokingly, of course. I promise she did find the humour in it.

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