Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cafe Medina and Parker Place

Last Sunday. Another day of food.

Hanging out with Karen means food, food, and food.

First stop : Cafe Medina.

Duck sandwich.

My fave dish there : Fricasee.

After we finished lunch, we walked a few stores down and checked out Dirty Apron.

It was a little shop with many neat items.

House-made salad dressings and sauces.

This green apple paste is suppose to be super delicious with proscuitto.

They also have a deli bar that sells sandwiches, paninis, drinks and other foods that you can buy for takeout or to enjoy there. There is also a mini stand of fresh produce. There is a little bit of everything.
The coolest part is that it's a cooking school. I took a peek into the classroom. It looks so fun and inviting. Should look into taking a class. Definitely a neat place to check out.

Karen and Ray were talking about their unsuccessful excursion in trying to hunt down some "gie dan jie" (chinese egg waffles). Since it was a nice afternoon and none of us had much planned, we decided we continue the search until we found some.

Second stop : Parker Place in Richmond.

I probably venture into Parker Place about once a year or less. Everytime I step in there, it brings me back to the good old times of childhood when we went there a lot with our parents... there was always some sort of goodies to pick up. Mainly food.

I love the many signs with all its writing and chinese words plastered all over the wall. Nothing changes over the decade. Nothing fancy about "gie dan jie".

Mission accomplished!

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